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Glenn Bio  


From an early age in 70’s, Glenn remembers his first color television set.  About the same time as the family bought their first colour tele, Glenn’s real first interaction with computers occurred.  The Goodman clan bought a Tempest b&w TV game console - equipped with paddles.
This bought the clan alot of enjoyment, but none so much as the epic Atari with joysticks and paddles that Glenn’s Friends owned.  From the Atari Glenn saved his pocket money, and with a little help from Santa, purchased an inTelevision TV game console.  Hours of enjoyment!

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An Apple convert from an early age, Jayson’s first exposure to computers was the Apple II in the early 80’s. Fortunate enough to have one at home, much time was spent typing programs into Apple Basic, using Wordstar and Visicalc for school and enjoying the 8bit games of the day such as Castle Wolfenstein and Choplifter. The late 80’s saw the arrival of the Commodore Amiga with 4096 colours, stereo sound and photo/video capabilities capturing his attention.
The 90’s saw him dabble with some Windows machines as well as some of the more obscure Apple offerings during this time including the Performa model which supposedly ran both Windows/DOS and Mac, yet somehow managed to run neither.


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Picture of Shayne 


Shayne was a late starter when it came to computers. It wasn’t until the 80’s when his parents
purchased a TRS80 for him. Shayne spent many hours playing with coding basic programs and
playing games like “Frogger”. While it was a good computer for its time and it initially got a workout,
interest in it eventually died down.
Shayne’s father needed something he could use that would help him with his work, so the TRS80
was replaced by a Commodore 128D and a dot matrix printer. By this time Shayne had other
interests, like sport and hanging out with friends. However, he was always there to help his father
whenever he got stuck, which was a lot. Til this day Shayne is the IT guy for his parent, his sister and
brother, as well as their families.
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