Alarmed- From Episode 278

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Another free app again this week.You might be starting to think I’m a cheap skate, that might or might not be true. Either way even though it’s a free app, Alarmed is one I paid for happily. The developer gives almost all the functionality you’ll need for free but I wanted to buy the extras package for no other reason than to give the developer some thanks and a little cash.

You wouldn’t think an Alarm clock could really be that exciting and you’d probably b right. It is though an excellent app and does everything the iTunes description claims well.

Some of the features are a sleep timer that will play a podcast for, say 30 min and then swap over to some soft music for a few minutes. Apparently the app has quite an attractive UI and alarm clock display. It’ll then wake you up in the morning with a different playlist or one of the 80 built in sounds.

The app has by far the most configurable repeating reminders I have ever seen. You can set a reminder for everything from every third day to the last Friday of the month to every fourth year. You can of course also set a simple reminder very quickly with little fuss.

It also has count down and count up timers.

There are plenty more features. I won’t list them all, but what I hope I have done is encourage you to go and get this app. You may not need it right now but it’s free and when you do it’ll be there. Be warned though, if you’re anything like me (yes, yes, I know you’re probably nothing like me) you’ll want to buy the extra features too




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