Around Me & Where To Go – From Episode 283

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Hey guys, this week we are looking at an navigation app or two. Where To? and Around Me are two very similar apps. Both will help you find a coffee shop or a bar or a hospital.

The apps are particularly useful when you are away from home or your normal hangouts. All you need do is open one of the apps and it will locate where you are. Pick a category of POI (points of interest) and the app will show you a list of matching destinations around your current location.

Where To? is a paid app and Around Me is free. Why pay, well it’s a good question. Around Me does most of what Where To? does. Where To? probably has a better collection of POI;s.and it certainly has a longer description in the app store 🙂

It does have a few more features, one of which is that it integrates with some of the turn by turn navigation apps like Navigon. It also shows a bit more info about the POIs that you pull up.

Either way both apps are great. If you aren’t a frequent traveller then maybe getting the free Around Me app makes a bit more sense but it’s not like Where To? will break the bank.



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