Episode 050

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Episode 050

PC World – Skype Restores Service
Skype Restores Service

"The Skype system has not crashed or been victim of a cyber attack," the company said in a post published at 10 p.m. GMT on Thursday.

Skype said the problem was the result of a "deficiency in an algorithm within Skype networking software." The problem was related to the interaction between a Skype client and the rest of Skype's peer-to-peer network, it said.

PC World – A 300-page iPhone Bill?

A 300-page iPhone Bill?

iPhone owners rail at AT&T for paper waste with overly detailed bills.



Black Google with own heading

Create own search engine with your name


download from internet web video and audio

Graves in cyberspace | The Courier-Mail
Graves in cyberspace

SOMEWHERE deep in cyberspace, where reality blurs into fiction and the living greet the dead, there are ghosts.

They live in a virtual graveyard without tombstones or flowers. They drift among the shadows of the people they used to be, and the pieces they left behind.

Before her death in Oregon on May 9, Allison Bauer left rainbows: reds, yellows and blues, festooned across her MySpace profile in a collage of colour.

"I love colour, Pure Colour in rainbow form, And I love My friends," the 20-year-old wrote under "interests" on her profile. "And I love to Love, I care about everyone so much you have no idea."

Now her page fills a plot on www.MyDeathSpace.com, a website that archives the pages of deceased MySpace members.

The tales are mostly those of the very young who died prematurely. It's also a place where the living – those who knew the deceased and those who didn't – discuss this world and the next.

Solid-state memory to cool | Australian IT
Solid-state memory to cool

FOR some time now Doubleclick has been predicting solid-state, or flash memory, drives will begin replacing, or supplementing, traditional hard disk drives in notebook PCs. Now it's happening.
The recommended retail price of the R500 with SSD is $4125

An SSD has no moving parts, as everything is stored in electronic circuitry. It uses minimal power, boots faster, generates little heat and no noise and, unlike the fragile hard drive, should survive a drop. Also potentially adding to power savings is the R500's new transflective LED backlit display: said to be the first of its kind. It can be read clearly outdoors, even under direct sunlight, with the LED off, Tosh claims.

  Jing Project: Visual conversation starts here. Mac or Windows.

The concept of Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video…from your computer to anywhere.

It’s something we want to give you, along with some online media hosting, to see how you use it. The project will eventually turn into something else. Tell us what you think so we can figure out what that is.


Jokosher is a simple yet powerful multi-track studio. With it you can create and record music, podcasts and more, all from an integrated simple environment.

To see what it looks like, see our Screenshots page, read the Features, and then head over to our Download page to grab the latest release. Be sure to also see our Documentation

If you like what you see, join our bustling Forums to find answers, show off your music and more.

c-jump: computer programming board game
Discover fundamentals of computer programming by playing a board game! c-jump helps children to learn basics of programming languages, such as C, C++ and Java.

Best Mac Software.com – The Best Software for Mac OS X
Essential software to make your Mac more awesome. Not having some of these tools is like having half a Mac. Others are just plain fun. You have a very cool computer… enjoy!

Great New Hi-Res Images from The Dark Knight!

Great New Hi-Res Images from The Dark Knight!

by Neil Miller

Here is something to get excited about. Someone over at Rope of Silicon pointed us in the direction of a slew of photos from The Dark Knight that landed on someone’s Flickr account. There were 18 photos all smashed together, so we decided to cut them up for you and present them in their hi-res glory below.

As you can see, Heath Ledger is looking good as The Joker.

If you’d like to see the original reel of photos, click here

His Heart Whirs Anew – washingtonpost.com
His Heart Whirs Anew
Peter Houghton Has a Titanium Ticker. He's Not Sure How to Feel About That.

By Joel Garreau
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, August 11, 2007; C01


Peter Houghton is grateful for his artificial heart. After all, it has saved his life.

He's just a little wistful about emotions.

He wishes he could feel them like he used to.

Houghton is the first permanent lifetime recipient of a Jarvik 2000 left ventricular assist device. Seven years ago, it took over for the heart he was born with. Since then, it has unquestionably improved his physical well-being. He has walked long distances, traveled internationally and kept a daunting work schedule.

At the same time, he reports, he's become more "coldhearted" — "less sympathetic in some ways." He just doesn't feel like he can connect with those close to him. He wishes he could bond with his twin grandsons, for example. "They're 8, and I don't want to be bothered to have a reasonable relationship with them and I don't know why," he says.

He can only feel enough to regret that he doesn't feel enough.

<CodeJacked/> » Restarting Windows Without Restarting Your PC (Vista or XP)

Restarting Windows Without Restarting Your PC (Vista or XP)

August 13th, 2007 — Craig

A modern PC with Vista Home Edition takes about one and a half minutes to boot. An older machine with XP is about the same. That’s 30 seconds for the PC itself (the BIOS) to boot up, plus a minute for the Windows operating system to boot. Sometimes, you need to reboot Windows (e.g. when installing new software), but there is no need to restart BIOS, too. However, the default is to reboot both. (That’s called doing a “cold boot,” rather than a “warm boot.”) There’s a trick that works on both XP and Vista to get it to do a warm boot instead, thus saving you 30 seconds per cycle.

The trick is to hold down the SHIFT key when invoking the restart.

UnderDark » SingStar for PS3 is on the way

SingStar for PS3 is on the way

Some say karaoke jams are only fun if you’re falling-down drunk; others
consider it a legitimate pastime, especially if they’re hardcore music
fans. We love our “American Idol” and we idolize our
stars of the stage, so it would stand to reason that a singing-based
video game should also be popular. SingStar remains a
great option for casual gaming fans who would rather embarrass
themselves in the comfort of their own home. After several installments
on the PS2, Playstation 3’s newest game SingStar is on the way, and we’re taking a closer look at
what you can expect come November. It’s all about testing your vocal
skills; learning just how difficult it can be to emulate the current
industry icons.

One of the biggest additions to the series for the PS3 version
will be the inclusion of personalized playlists. Quite simply, you can download
whatever songs you wish, which means you can sing along to whatever you like, at
any time. This is exactly the kind of option that fits perfectly in this new
generation; a generation highly dependent on more player involvement and
personal customization. What makes it all possible? The key is the SingStore,
which is an online shop directly accessible from inside the game and offers a
large inventory of songs. Furthermore, the game’s developers will likely add
more tracks on a continual basis, so owners can keep checking back to peruse any
new additions and choose their favorites. I know when I did all the songs in my
karaoke series it got kind of boring and that’s what is going to make this game
better and far more enjoyable.

It’s a fantastic system, and one that’s borderline essential for a game
like this. It doesn’t end there, either: you’ll even be able to upload
your best performances to an online database so others can view your
star power. This will be accomplished by use of the PlayStation Eye
camera, and you can even transport the videos to your PSP!Really think you have what it takes to beat out the rest of the world?
Well this karaoke phenomenon offers an online play for you and others
are the glob can go head to head or even start up your own online band.
So Go on and become the next Brittany Spears or Usher. You never know when American Idol auditions will come to your town.

August 16th, 2007

DS version of Guitar Hero III to feature a guitar controller? – Engadget

DS version of Guitar Hero III to feature a guitar controller?

Posted Aug 16th 2007 9:23AM by Nilay Patel
Filed under: Gaming

It's not set in stone, but in an interview with CNET.au, RedOctane cofounder Charles Huang suggested that the DS version of Guitar Hero III would include a guitar controller "as long as it makes sense and it plays well." Huang went on to say that RedOctane is "exploring ways to get peripherals on a DS game," and that the company is working on approach with Nintendo's assistance. Given the novel controllers we've already seen hit the DS, RedOctane's got some work to do to back up Huang's assertion that GHIII on the DS "will play probably unlike any other DS game that has come out," but we're willing to give the company the benefit of the doubt — they seem to have a handle on that whole "gameplay" thing.

Aus gets Elite Xbox with HDMI | Australian IT

Aus gets Elite Xbox with HDMI

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Chris Jenkins | August 17, 2007

MICROSOFT has moved to bolster its Xbox 360 line-up for the second time this week, setting a date and price for the Australian launch of its HDMI-equipped Elite variant, which will be joined next month by a Halo 3 special edition console.

The stripped-down Core edition and standard Pro edition of the Xbox 360, both of which had price cuts announced this week, are only able to connect to televisions via a component interface.

But both the new Elite and Halo 3 editions will offer HDMI ports, which are set to shortly become standard on all Xbox 360 consoles sold in the US.

HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, connections allow the transmission of full 1080p high-definition video signals, as well as multi-channel audio.

HDMI ports would become standard on all Australian Xbox 360 machines later in the year, a Microsoft spokesman said. However, Microsoft declined to name a precise date for the availability of the new-spec machines.

In addition to HDMI, the new Elite variant will feature a 120GB hard disk drive, wireless controller and a headset and will come housed in a new black casing.

It will be the most expensive Xbox 360, priced at $729.95, and go on sale August 30.

The Halo 3 version, meanwhile, will come with a 20GB drive and feature Halo 3-themed case and accessories. The machine would be released on September 20, days before the launch of the Halo 3 game itself, the spokesman said.

The latest version of the title that helped put the original Xbox on the map for serious gamers, Halo 3 is one of the most widely anticipated game releases this year.

Nokia warns of faulty battery | Australian IT

Nokia warns of faulty battery

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August 15, 2007

NOKIA has warned that up to 46 million batteries used in some of the company's handsets could be faulty and pose a risk of overheating.

The advisory applies to batteries manufactured by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co Ltd between December 2005 and November 2006, the world's largest mobile phone maker said.

Japan's Matsushita is one of several suppliers that have together made some 300 million BL-5C batteries.

The lithium-ion battery is one of 14 different types of battery used in Nokia phones.

Nokia said 100 incidents of overheating of the Matsushita-made BL-5C batteries had been reported worldwide, but added that "no serious injuries or property damage have been reported".

All the cases of overheating have occurred during charging of phones, the Finnish company said. "According to Nokia's knowledge this issue does not affect any other use of the mobile device."

Bendable battery unveiled | Australian IT

Bendable battery unveiled

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Randolph Schmid in Washington | August 14, 2007

IT'S a battery that looks like a piece of paper and can be bent or twisted, trimmed with scissors or moulded into any shape needed.

While the battery is now only a prototype, the researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute who developed it have high hopes for it in electronics and other fields that need smaller, lighter power sources.

"We would like to scale this up to the point where you can imagine printing batteries like a newspaper. That would be the ultimate," professor at the Centre for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies Robert Linhardt said.

Wikipedia edits unmasked | Australian IT

Wikipedia edits unmasked

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Brian Bergstein | August 16, 2007

A NEW online tool called WikiScanner reveals just who has been making changes to the pages of online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

As the encyclopedia that anyone can edit, Wikipedia encourages participants to adopt online user names, but it also lets contributors be identified simply by their computers' IP addresses.

Often they do not provide much of a cloak.

In one case, PCs in US congressional offices were discovered to have been involved in Wikipedia entries trashing political rivals.

Those episodes inspired Virgil Griffith, a computer scientist about to enter grad school at CalTech, to automate the process with WikiScanner.

The tool is located at http://wikiscanner.virgil.gr but intense attention has knocked it out of service many times this week.

Australia joins Xbox 360 price cut | Australian IT

Australia joins Xbox 360 price cut

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Chris Jenkins | August 15, 2007

MICROSOFT is set to drop the price on its Xbox 360 games console in Australia in an effort to give the games machine a better shot at the Christmas market.

Microsoft says while Nintendo's Wii is popular, the Xbox 360 makes more money

The fully-featured Xbox 360 Pro will drop from $649 to $579, while the stripped down "core" system drops from $499 to $399 – putting it on-par with Nintendo's $399 Wii.

The Xbox 360 price cuts follow similar moves made by Microsoft in the US last week.

The cuts make Sony's $999 PlayStation 3 the most expensive console in the Australian market by an even greater margin.

Xbox regional director David McLean said the price of the Xbox 360 had been the same for 17 months, claiming this was the longest any console had been on the Australian market without a price drop.

The new prices had been made possible by reductions in manufacturing costs, he said. Nevertheless, there would be no price cut for the HD-DVD player accessory for the Xbox 360, he said.

Mr McLean said Microsoft had seen no slow-down in sales as a result of reports of the Xbox 360 suffering overheating problems.

Microsoft announced last month it would incur costs of $US1.15 billion in the June quarter to fix what it called an "unacceptable" number of faulty Xbox 360 units.

"The way we've communicated it has given customers surety about what we have done," he said.


Blu-ray outguns HD-DVD in US | Australian IT

Blu-ray outguns HD-DVD in US

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Correspondents in Los Angeles | August 16, 2007

BLU-RAY movie discs outsold films on the rival HD-DVD format by two-to-one in the United States in the first half of 2007, Home Media Research has reported.

The division of Home Media Magazine said total sales of Blu-ray discs, using a Sony -backed technology, totalled 1.6 million units from January 1 through to July 1, compared with 795,000 HD-DVD discs sold during the same period.

HD-DVD was developed by Toshiba and backed by Microsoft and film studios such as Warner Bros.

Both formats were launched in 2006. An estimated 3.7 million high-definition discs have been sold, including 2.2 million in Blu-ray and 1.5 million in HD-DVD through to the end of July, according to Home Media.

A Home Media spokeswoman said Blu-ray got a further boost in August from strong sales of the 300 title. Stephen Nickerson, senior vice president, market management at Warner Home Video, reported sales of about 190,000 Blu-ray units of the film, compared to 97,000 in HD-DVD since July 31.

Court rejects allofmp3.com case | Australian IT

Court rejects allofmp3.com case

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Correspondents in Moscow | August 16, 2007

A MOSCOW court has thrown out a case against the former head of music download site allofmp3.com and rejected the damages claims made by three major recording labels.

Mr Mamotin has insisted that by paying royalties to a Russian licensing group, allofmp3.com was in compliance with Russian laws. Recording companies contend, however, that the licensing group never had the permission of music industry to collect and distribute royalties on its behalf.

MTV plans massive games investment | Australian IT

MTV plans massive games investment

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Kenneth Li in New York | August 17, 2007

MTV Networks plans to invest well over $US500 million ($631 million) in video games, seeing the red-hot entertainment category as a major pillar of growth in its goal to reach consumers wherever they spend time.

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