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iTWire – HD DVD not yet dead for Xbox 360 – final update?
HD DVD not yet dead for Xbox 360 – final update?

 Microsoft are issuing a new Xbox 360 HD DVD update which will auto update for Xbox Live members, with a manual download option also available

The update is said to include compatibility improvements with “certain titles”, without actually specifying which titles those are, and offers “additional support for network features”.

Although the update will happen automatically for HD DVD add-on owners connected and signed into Xbox Live, there is also a manually downloadable update due to become available from a specific download area on Xbox.com “later this week”.

iTWire – Australia to get world’s first truly unlocked 3G iPhone?
Australia to get world’s first truly unlocked 3G iPhone?

 A totally unverified news report from MacTalk Forums in Australia has leaked the stunning news that Apple will sell an unlocked 3G iPhone, which will work on any Australian carrier, from the last week of June, 2008

Apple will use Australia as a test-bed to sell truly unlocked iPhones, and suggests that Apple might have thought the following: "Seeing as you won't play with us, we'll give the iPhone to anyone who wants it, meaning you all lose out on exclusivity for your network".

Also Australia would apparently, according to the rumor be the only country where regular Apple resellers would also be allowed to sell the iPhone, unlike other iPhone countries where only authorised resellers have iPhone selling privileges.

Flickr opens its doors to video – Technology – BrisbaneTimes
Flickr opens its doors to video

 Only Flickr's "pro" members will be allowed to transfer video clips of up to 90 seconds to the site, but anyone will be able to watch them. A privacy setting will allow videographers to limit access to the clips on Flickr if they want.

Added security pays for eBay – Technology – BrisbaneTimes – brisbanetimes.com.au
Added security pays for eBay


From June, auction winners will no longer be able to pay for purchases by depositing money directly into a seller's bank account.

All listings on the site will have to offer the option of using PayPal, which is owned by eBay, in what the company describes as a "middle man" function between the buyer and seller.

PayPal's buyer protection program will also increase from $3000 to $20,000 – meaning buyers who have been stung can recoup their costs.

A Brisbane man was jailed earlier this month after he ripped off three people on eBay by accepting money for a gold nugget that he never sent.

He collected a total of $8025 from his victims before he was arrested and charged. All three buyers used direct deposit.

The buyers would have gotten their money back within a couple of weeks if they had used PayPal, Mr MacGibbon said.

its all businesses now – no real auctions – or not as good as it used to be

paypal is way too expensive

Privacy fears on Google peeps – Technology – BrisbaneTimes
Privacy fears on Google peeps

 HIGHLY detailed panoramic street-level photos of much of Australia will soon be published by Google, but the executive in charge of the project is making no assurances that private homes, faces and number plates will be obscured.

The feature will allow anyone with an internet connection to explore the country at ground level for the first time.

The Australian Privacy Foundation has called on Google to accept legal liability under Australian law if someone's privacy is invaded.

Google says people are able to flag inappropriate or sensitive images for reviewing and removal by Google, but the process is not trivial and by that time the damage is often done.

A US couple is suing the search giant for invasion of privacy after photos of their home, on a street clearly marked with a private road sign, appeared on the new feature of Google Maps

Even in images taken from public streets, there are countless examples of people who were unwittingly snapped in embarrassing or compromising positions.

Google says people are able to flag inappropriate or sensitive images for reviewing and removal by Google, but the process is not trivial and by that time the damage is often done.

Sensitive images from the US – including a woman exposing her G-string, a man striding into an adult bookshop and another man apparently relieving himself – have since been removed but not before they spread across the web.

iTWire – Telstra completes 900 exchange ADSL2+ upgrade
Telstra completes 900 exchange ADSL2+ upgrade

 According to Telstra the rollout will take ADSL2+ to an additional 2.4 million homes and businesses across all states and territories and the total number of ADSL2+ exchanges in the Telstra network to more than 1400 serving 16.6 million people. Those living within 1.5km of the exchange should get downstream speeds of up to 20Mbps, those up to 2.5km away, speeds up to 8Mbps and those up to 5kms, 1.5Mbps.

Existing Telstra BigPond customers on an upgraded exchange can call 13-POND to upgrade their plans, but will need a new modem if their existing one does not support ADSL2+.

Mega ship leaves wave riders feeling swell – National – smh.com.au
Mega ship leaves wave riders feeling swell


French vessel Ile De Sein was moored off Tamarama Beach this morning, as part of a project to lay 9000 kilometres of submarine cable between Sydney and Hawaii.

The cable, being laid by telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent in partnership with Telstra, aims to boost the internet capacity between Australia and the US.

Digital Content Expo Australia – MySpace launches music downloads
MySpace launches music downloads

 SOCIAL networking leader MySpace has joined three of the largest music labels in the world to launch a joint-venture music download service, leveraging the sites 30 million monthly visitors.

The MySpace Music brings together the most popular online music community – MySpace – with labels Sony BMG, Universal Music and Warner Music, who bring the venture the most comprehensive back catalogue of music available online.

The new company will be based in Los Angeles

venture becomes a direct competitor to the phenomenally successful Apple service iTunes, which is thought to have sold four billion songs through download since it was launched five years ago.

Microsoft poses ultimatum if Yahoo doesn't come quietly – Engadget
Microsoft poses ultimatum if Yahoo doesn't come quietly

  No more Mr. Nice Microsoft. Apparently when Microsoft puts $44.6 billion on the line, it really means it, and the company just sent an open letter to Yahoo's board of directors stating in no uncertain terms that the 62% premium over Yahoo's closing price on January 31, 2008 was more than fair. The word is now that if Yahoo can't see that, Microsoft will be compelled to take its case "directly to [Yahoo's] shareholders." Microsoft is giving Yahoo three weeks, and then promises to try and start a proxy contest to elect an alternative set of directors to the board. This is about to get good.

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