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Google launches new space race to the moon – CNN.com
Google launches new space race to the moon

  • Google Lunar X Prize $20 million goes to the first team that can land a rover on the moon by 2012
  • Rover must travel on the lunar surface for at least 500 meters, send back images
  • There are 13 teams officially competing in the race; number is expected to grow
  • The mission will probably cost much more than the $20 million first prize

Group considers relaxing Internet naming rules – CNN.com
Group considers relaxing Internet naming rules

  • On Thursday, ICANN board will vote on two key Internet naming proposals
  • First would allow domains that don’t use Latin characters
  • Second would allow domains to use other letter or number combinations
  • Exceptions would be trademarked domains, such as .cnn or .microsoft

iTWire – Sol says Telstra “bigger than Apple” as T[Life] store opens without iPhone
Melbourne T[Life] Telstra store in Melbourne’s CDB today

While Sol answered a question he’d received earlier in the morning about whether Telstra is in a war with Apple or not, on the topic of the iPhone, the head speaker of the nation’s biggest communications company was… silent. Apple has a great store, they’ve got have a great brand and they do great things. But were much bigger, we’re much broader and we’re much more connected in terms of touching everybody’s lives here in Australia.

The store is crowned with a giant 22 metre x 2.5 metre LCD screen, the largest of its type in Australia

The store has two levels that encompass a dedicated area for business customers called [my]business; [my]place offers free one-on-one expert advice; and [my]networked home where customers can see for themselves how to better connect their life at home and while on the move.”

“The store also features an interactive zone to explore and play with over 100 live and working devices, the latest technology where customers can interact with future products and a TelePresence meeting room for face-to-face state of the art video conferencing

free daily training is on offer in the 50 seat “auditorium” and one-on-one sessions with experts are also available.

iTWire – The free PS3 deal is back on
The free PS3 deal is back on

 Sony has announced that from July 1st they have another 35,000 PS3’s in a warehouse somewhere to give to new BRAVIA owners.

More specifically those that buy one of the following BRAVIA LCD TV models;

• XBR Series
• X3100 Series
• W4000 Series
• V4000 Series
• W3100 Series

To help you budget and plan for your purchase, Sony are also providing a way to track the number of PS3’s left in ‘the deal’.  This comes in the form of jumping on www.sony.com.au/PS3countdown or texting  ‘how many’ to 0429 025 025 or call 1800 882 172.

iTWire – Aussie iTunes TV show selection – a bit of a yaaawner
Aussie iTunes TV show selection

 TV shows from the Walt Disney ABC TV network like Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and Scrubs
most currently on free to air or paytv. bit of a waste of time. large file downloads – not full hd – better watch the dvd

Microsoft prepares for post-Gates era – Technology – BrisbaneTimes
Microsoft prepares for post-Gates era

 Bill Gates will have his last official day of work at Microsoft on June 27.  After retiring, Gates will remain chairman of the Microsoft board of directors and its largest shareholder

WorkVentures Group :. Building Communities that Work

WorkVentures believes everyone deserves to have access to computers and training regardless of their financial situation.

In the last 3 years WorkVentures have provided over 10 000 individuals on Centrelink benefits and registered not-for-profit’s with quality PC packages which are now only $250.

 check out the http://connectit.workventures.net.au/wv/new/default.aspx site for pricing


BBC NEWS | Technology | Crucial vote on internet’s future

Crucial vote on internet’s future


Icann oversees the structure of the net

A complete overhaul of the way people navigate the internet could begin following a crucial vote in Paris.

The net’s regulator Icann will vote to decide if the strict rules on so-called top level domain names, such as .com or .uk, can be relaxed.

If approved, firms could turn brands into web addresses while individuals could also grab a unique domain based on their name, for example.

The plan would also allow names written in Asian and Arabic languages.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Nintendo ‘least green tech firm’
Nintendo ‘least green tech firm’

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Dubai plans ‘moving’ skyscraper
Dubai plans ‘moving’ skyscraper

Chief Seattle’s Speech of 1854 – Version 1
“CHIEF SEATTLE’S 1854 ORATION” – ver . 1

 Read This

PayPal policy delayed again | Australian IT

PayPal policy delayed again

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Fran Foo | June 26, 2008

ONLINE auction giant eBay has delayed its July 15 deadline to impose a new payment system until a review by the competition watchdog is completed.

On its website today, eBay Australia said: “Changes to eBay.com.au scheduled for 15 July are being postponed until the review process with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) regarding its recent draft notice is complete. “

ABC, Seven join iTunes party | Australian IT

ABC, Seven join iTunes party

Fran Foo | June 25, 2008

IT’S been a long time coming but local Apple iTunes users will finally be able to purchase a selection of television shows.

The ABC, the Seven and Nine Networks have jumped on the bandwagon and users can purchase their shows for under $3.

Apart from Summer Heights High, the ABC will offer We Can Be Heroes, Double the Fist, Foreign Correspondent Postcards, Sleek Geeks and Surfing the Menu.

US-produced programs such as Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and and Scrubs will also be on the list.

ITunes Australia will also carry Channel Nine’s Canal Road, McLeod’s Daughters, Sea Patrol and Urban Magic.

Each episode will cost $2.99.

“We’re thrilled to bring television programming to the iTunes Store in Australia,” Eddy Cue, Apple iTunes vice-president, said in a statement.

“We’re off to a great start with shows from Australia’s top networks combined with favourites from the US.”

Unlike Australia, iTunes users in other countries have been able to download TV shows for some time. The British store, for instance, has had this feature since August 2007 and recently began offering movie downloads for between £2.49 ($5.12) to £10.99.

ATO briefing on $800m update | Australian IT

ATO briefing on $800m update

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Andrew Colley | June 24, 2008

THE Tax Office has briefed more than 50 companies competing for a slice of its centralised computing contract, worth some $800 million over the next five years.

The briefing, held last week, is a crucial part of the ATO’s procurement process before it approaches the market seeking expressions of interest on June 30.

The contract is the largest chunk of a bundle of three procurement projects designed by Boston Consulting Group and expected to be valued at more than $1.3 billion over five years.

New domains – .love, .hate – coming soon | Australian IT

New domains – .love, .hate – coming soon

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Correspondents in Paris | June 24, 2008

INTERNET users should soon be able to use new domain names such as .love, .paris or .bank if one of the world wide web’s biggest shakeups is approved this week as expected by the web regulator ICANN.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which opened its annual general meeting Monday in Paris, was due to vote on the new names this week.

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