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Google tipped to release Chrome OS this week
Google tipped to release Chrome OS this week

The lightweight open source operating system is expected to make its debut sometime this week, with ‘out of the box’ support for a wide range of Atom netbooks expected.

Speed, simplicity and security” are Google’s mantra for Chrome, with the company saying the OS is “designed to be fast and lightweight, to start up and get you onto the Web in a few seconds. The user interface is minimal to stay out of your way, and most of the user experience takes place on the Web.”

Turn your name into your phone number
Turn your name into your phone number

A new Aussie Web site allows you to find what mobile number corresponds to your name – and if you’re so inclined, auction off your number to the highest bidder.

Entering a word into My Number’s ‘Number2 Word Generator’ reveals the matching numbers based on the standard alphanumeric keypad,

If you’re happy to sign up with Optus, Virgin or Lebara (a virtual operator which piggybacks onto Vodafone’s network) you can request that number from them straight from the My Number site.

You can also register your interest in phone numbers containing that string of digits, should they become available through My Number’s auction system.


  • If you own this number, click here to list your number on our Auction platform and make some cash!
  • If you want this number, click here to register interest in purchasing it.

Dictionary word of the year: ‘Unfriend’ – CNN.com
Dictionary word of the year: ‘Unfriend’

“Unfriend” beat out a tech-heavy field that included “netbook,” “hashtag” and “sexting” to take the annual honor.

Oxford defines “unfriend,” a verb, thusly: “To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook.”

Report: Microsoft bans 1 million Xbox Live players – CNN.com
Microsoft bans 1 million Xbox Live players

Xbox 360 consoles are equipped with digital rights management technologies designed to detect pirated software,” InformationWeek wrote, “but some players have successfully ‘modded,’ or modified, their machines to circumvent DRM protections.”

Even if someone has been banned, their Xbox will still play offline games, InformationWeek said. But it’s not at all clear if the bans are permanent or if Microsoft will allow those who have been booted from Xbox Live to return at some point down the line.


Interview – Microsoft’s Ozzie unveils invisible cloud – Storage – Technology – News – iTnews.com.au
Azure goes live January 1

Windows Azure service, set to be launched on January 1, will run customers’ applications on its servers and provide capacity through its massive datacentres, helping websites stay up through spikes in demand which might otherwise paralyse them.

eg On the busiest Internet shopping days of the year, a company may suddenly need more servers to deal with purchases on its website, but can’t afford to maintain those servers all year round.

Apple wins Psystar Mac clone case – Hardware – Technology – News – iTnews.com.au
Apple wins Psystar Mac clone case

a US District Court judge ruled that Psystar had infringed Apple’s exclusive right to create derivative works of Mac OS X by replacing original files in Mac OS X with unauthorised software files.

“Specifically, it made three modifications: (1) replacing the Mac OS X bootloader with a different bootloader to enable an unauthorised copy of Mac OS X to run on Psystar’s computers; (2) disabling and removing Apple kernel extension files; and (3) adding non-Apple kernel extensions,” the judge said.

A hearing to determine the ‘remedies’ for the case will take place on 14 December.

iTWire – Canon app allows photo printing from iPhone
Canon app allows photo printing from iPhone

Supported printers include the MP990, MP640 and MP560. The app allows the selection of paper type and size, as well as the number of prints.

App Store beginning tomorrow, November 19.

Web page junk gone in a flash | The Australian
Web page junk gone in a flash

Readability http://lab.arc90.com/experiments/readability/ removes the junk and just lets you read the text, presented in a beautifully simple, clear, clean layout.

The bookmarklet is free. You simply go to the Arc90 site and drag a bookmark to your browser’s toolbar. That’s all there is to it: a button marked Readability now resides in the toolbar.

When you find one of those annoying, flashing, blinking web pages, you just click on the Readability button, and in a flash all the irritating bits are gone.


Advertising coming to your Windows 7 desktop theme
Advertising coming to your Windows 7 desktop theme

Advertising coming to your Windows 7 desktop theme
The theory seems to be that Windows Themes, Gadgets, Internet Explorer 8 extensions can all be linked together to create a complete branded desktop and Internet “experience” for the likes of Ducati, Porsche, Fox Movies and others who are participating in a not-so-hush trial. You can download these and more standard themes from the MS Personalization Gallery.

Modern Warfare 2 sparks ratings controversy – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Modern Warfare 2 sparks ratings controversy

video game which sees players act as terrorists and shoot up civilians has sparked calls for the Australian classification system to be cleaned up.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 blasted past $US300 million ($325 million) in sales on its opening day, blowing away even Hollywood films to become the highest-grossing entertainment launch ever

The game, which uses realistic graphics to show a first-person view of terrorists shooting people, has been rated M (17+) in the United States and 18+ in the United Kingdom, but it has been given a MA15+ rating in Australia.

Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) vice president Elizabeth Handsley wants the board to rethink its decision and says it should be banned.

YouTube to get high-def 1080p player | Webware – CNET

YouTube to get high-def 1080p player video-streaming service is getting a new high-quality streaming option: full HD, or “1080p” resolution. The current “high-quality” option, when available on YouTube videos, is 720p, referring to the number of horizontal scan lines that make up the image.

YouTube stores all video it receives at the resolution it’s uploaded at. So when YouTube ads a resolution option, as it did then and is doing now, it simply needs to re-encode videos for the new player, not get new raw content.

Walk said that about half of the 1080p content in the YouTube database has been re-encoded so far.

Other changes afoot at YouTube: The team remains interested in a non-Flash video player. “We’re interested in broad accessibility,” Walk said, reminding the NewTeeVee audience that the company has demonstrated an HTML 5-based YouTube player. “We keep an open mind,” he said.



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