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Apple preps new notebooks and iPhone OS 4.0
Apple preps new notebooks and iPhone OS 4.0

April will be a busy month for Apple with the unveilling of iPhone OS 4.0 later this week and new MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air notebooks tipped for the end of the month.

iPhone OS 4.0  Rumours tip the next-gen OS to include multitasking, a unified inbox which contains emails from multiple accounts, and a revised UI.
and mail has it that late April launch for new models of the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which will incorporate Intel’s newest Annandale-class mobile processors in the Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 families.

Apple iPad officially sold 300,000 units on opening day
Apple iPad officially sold 300,000 units on opening day

Apple’s official sales numbers for Saturday were 300,000 units sold. Apple also claims that over 250,000 eBooks were downloaded the first day and that over one million apps were downloaded for the iPad. Apple is predicted to sell about six million iPads in 2010.

“It feels great to have the iPad launched into the world—it’s going to be a game changer,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “iPad users, on average, downloaded more than three apps and close to one book within hours of unpacking their new iPad.”


Industry analysts have predicted that the company could sell as many as six million by the end of the year.

The iPad will be available in Britain by the end of this month in both wi-fi only and wi-fi plus 3G versions. The 3G version will also become available in the US later this month. iPad prices range from $US499 ($541) to $US829.

Reviewers have praised the iPad’s sleek design and ease of use but complained that it does not have a camera, or support Flash technology for videos.

SBS gears up to cover World Cup online: soccer

SBS has secured exclusive access to all venues and stadiums, including Socceroos training sessions and post-match press conferences, and is hoping to use content from those events to attract record numbers to its dedicated online football site theworldgame. com.au.

At the last World Cup SBS attracted more than 770,000 unique visitors and more than 12 million page impressions to TheWorldGame website.

This year the broadcaster is expecting more than 1 million unique visitors and more than 40 million page impressions.

SBS will be launching new features on the site with an emphasis on video, including live streams of all Socceroos’ matches and quarter, semi and final matches.

SBS is hoping more than 5 million streams will be played on its online video service.

Social networking is a kid’s game and the big boys can’t have Andrey Ternovskiy’s Chatroulette

Since its launch last November with 500 users, Chatroulette has grown at breakneck speed and now has ten million visitors a month. The expansion has caught the eye of investors who want to buy into the web’s next big thing.

Yuri Milner, a Moscow-based web magnate who owns more than 5 per cent of Facebook and is the social networking site’s biggest foreign investor. It is understood that Mr Milner is so keen on Chatroulette that he offered to buy 10 per cent of it, telling the teenager to “name his price”.

Yet Mr Ternovskiy is holding out. Google, Skype and Yandex, Google’s main rival in Russia, are also believed to have held talks in recent weeks.

His first investor was his mother, who gave him euros 8,000 to buy the servers required to start the site from his bedroom. But Mr Ternovskiy’s parents are said to be concerned about him. The high-school student has not attended classes in weeks and could be expelled for truancy.

Ten Network to unveil new digital channel

Mr Mott said Ten would not treat its new channel as a “sub-channel” of the main Ten signal, since all free-to-air digital multi-channels were effectively equal when consumers were scrolling through digital program guides.

While he would not reveal specific programs, he said the new channel would avoid repeating shows that debuted on the main Ten signal, and would not rely on spin-off content. “It will be a general entertainment channel,” Mr Mott said. “It’s got to be original.

Nine Network spokesman David Hurley confirmed Nine’s second digital multi-channel would not be launched until after July, saying technical issues such as “server system logistics” were being negotiated.

In December, Nine chief executive David Gyngell said the network would launch another new channel early this year, in addition to its youth-focused multi-channel Go, which was launched in August.

Seven has confirmed it is also planning a second multi-channel for this year, although the format and timing are not known.

Seven is alone among the commercial TV broadcasters in positioning its general entertainment multi-channel 7Two as an extension of the main Seven brand.



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Parliament web filter under scrutiny

THE Department of Parliamentary Services will ask Trend Micro Australia to explain why access to a train network website was blocked after the company’s web filter barred news commentary site The Punch last year.

The department, which supports the federal parliament IT services, uses a commercial-grade internet filter provided by Trend Micro. It blocked access to The Punch in December because it wrongly identified the website as a gaming site.

Trend Micro also blocked Victorian website metrotrains.com.au, which contains benign information such as train timetables and ticketing information.

Access to Melbourne Metro Trains online was prohibited on January 11 this year but unblocked the next day after the department alerted Trend Micro.

Department secretary Alan Thompson said he plans to discuss the issue with the vendor.

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“We had a chat with them in January about The Punch … we will now have to speak to them again (about Metro Trains),” Mr Thompson said.

He said that to his knowledge thepunch.com.au was only blocked for a day — December 14.

The 1700 people who use the Parliamentary Computing Network (PCN) would have been denied access to the website on that day.

Mr Thompson denied any political interference in banning the site, saying the filter simply made a mistake.

“The filter misunderstood the nature of The Punch, thought it was a games website and blocked it,” he said.

“When we found out it was blocked, at the time, we too were mystified.

“It happened for reasons we don’t understand … we know The Punch is not a games website.”

Concerns that The Punch, owned by News Ltd, publisher of The Australian, had been banned were raised by Liberal Senator Scott Ryan in the Senate in February.

Trend Micro was contacted but declined to comment.

Commercial internet filters contain various categories of web pages that are blocked including those that contain pornography, racism and violence.

At a public policy level the government has proposed the mandatory blocking of Refused Classification content that includes, but is not limited to, child sexual abuse imagery, bestiality, sexual violence, detailed instruction in crime, violence or drug use and/or material that advocates the doing of a terrorist act.

Federal opposition leader Tony Abbott says there’s insufficient evidence the government’s ISP filtering scheme works to warrant his full support.

BBC News – Apple iPad sells 300,000 on debut
Apple iPad sells 300,000 on debut

Apple says it sold more than 300,000 of its latest product, the iPad tablet computer, on its launch day in the US.

The figures for Saturday included pre-orders of the device, as well as sales at Apple stores across the country.

The iPad is not yet available in other countries, but will be on sale in parts of Europe, Canada and Australia by the end of April.

It is retailing in the US at $499 to $829 (£328 to £545). European prices have not yet been announced.

Apple said that iPad users had downloaded more than one million applications from its app store and more than 250,000 electronic books.

The first generation model has wi-fi but not 3G connectivity.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said in a statement that the touchscreen device was “going to be a game changer”.

Queues for the new iPad’s launch day were considerably smaller than the crowds which gathered for the iPhone’s debut in July 2007, according to reports.

On the iPhone’s launch weekend in the US, it was reported that up to 525,000 phones had been sold.

Silver Lining as Telstra moves into cloud computing

TELSTRA has broken its silence on its multi-million-dollar enterprise cloud computing project, codenamed Silver Lining, and conceded it is months from full commercial launch.

Telstra declined to comment in August when Australian IT reported that the carrier had budgeted up to $500 million for a secret commercial pact with EMC, Cisco and VMWare to develop a proof of concept for Silver Lining in Melbourne. Late last week, however, Telstra network and technology executive director Michael Lawrey said Silver Lining was in an advanced stage of commercial development and would be on the market soon.

“The proof of concept was a success and now we are working through a mainstream project to take that proof of concept to market. That mainstream project is now well progressed and we’ll deliver an outcome with a go-to-market solution shortly,” Mr Lawrey said. “Certainly, we’re not talking many months.”

Telstra’s move into cloud computing signals a major shift in its business strategy and places it among the world’s first tier-one carriers to attempt to sell sophisticated software services and computing power directly to enterprises over its network.

It is understood the move is designed to offset declining revenue from its traditional telephony and broadband businesses and increase income from its Next IP network.

Last year, chief executive David Thodey said: “The fundamental model of a telco is about building core infrastructure and allowing multiple people to use it, so when you talk about cloud computing it’s no different.”

Cloud computing saves companies taking on the cost of deploying and maintaining their own hardware and software contracts which, in some cases, can be worth hundreds of millions.

Last year, an industry source said Telstra had budgeted $500m for Silver Lining. However, Mr Lawrie strongly refuted that claim. He suggested the $500m figure “may” have been based on long-term expenditure projections for the strategy, but said the initial budget was “well south of that number by a large order of magnitude”.

“If there’s a customer demand there and there’s an appropriate revenue stream and we can get the right return, obviously Telstra will invest further in this,” he said. He declined to reveal Telstra’s initial investment in the project, but it is now estimated at $100m.

Mr Lawrey said Telstra would offer full private and public cloud computing services, including software as a service, infrastructure as a service and platform as a service.

He said the carrier was prepared to provide data centre service, apparently contradicting Mr Thodey’s message last year that he didn’t see Telstra “being in large data-centre-complex areas. That’s not our core business.” The telco’s business was providing computer capacity on demand, he said.

Cisco’s unified computing systems and VMWare’s software virtualisation technology will provide the base for Telstra’s cloud offering. Oracle and SAP are among the enterprise software packages to be made available.

iTunes Furor.

Okay so songs in Australia are 2.19. In the US they are 1.29. TV Shows on the other hand are 2.99 in both US and Australia. Hopefully iTunes Won’t pick up on this.

V on iTunes.

The latest episode if you can call it an episode is very interesting. In America it is FREE, in Australia it 2.99. Why is it free in America, because it is simply a small screen recap of the first 4 episodes told in one 38 min Montage. I paid for it, boy was I miffed, asking for a credit for the Real Episode 5 which is available in the US iTunes Store.

Software Pricing on iPad is amazingly cheap compared to PC Software Pricing.

Piano 9.99
Sketchbook Pro 7.99
Pages 9.99
Numbers 9.99

But the JOKE is the DOCK. It says you can mount the iPad on the Dock to charge or USB connect to MAC or PAC. It also says you can mount the iPad for ease of typing and Drum Roll. Watching Movies and Photos.


Would have mad sense to put to docking connectors one on the base and one on the side for MOVIE Viewing with the Dock.

Also, with iPod and iPhone once the ripped music from your CD Collection or Home Movies Converted to MOV Format on the gadget, getting them back onto the Computer is a no go. So I am guessing iPad is the same. If I buy a song, book, movie or TV Show from iTunes on my iPad I should be able to transfer the purchases to my Computer to make room on my 16gb iPad for other Movies, TV Shows, Songs and drum roll  APPS. If I add any of my own movies or music, I don’t know how easy it will be to get them off the iPad, based on iPod and iPhone Technology.

Welcome to Global Unification International
BOOK 18.1
PAGES 33.1
ATLAS 54.2
MLB Baseball 6.3
NFS 204

TOTAL – 865mb

SONG Approx 8mb Average from iTunes
TV Approx 600mb Per 45 minute SD Episode from iTunes
MOVIES 90minutes 1gb Each from iTunes.
AUDIOBOOKS – Approx 44mb

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