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Applidium — Portfolio — Développement d’applications iPhone

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It’s Real: YouTube Debuts Live Streaming Platform With Two-Day Test
It’s Real: YouTube Debuts Live Streaming Platform With Two-Day TestBeginning Monday morning and running through Tuesday night, four select YouTube partners — Next New Networks, Howcast, Young Hollywood, and Rocketboom — will be streaming live footage on YouTube (you can see a full listing of what they’re broadcasting in the widget above. But don’t get too excited just yet: this is only an alpha test, and YouTube will be taking the live streaming functionality down after the two-day trial. However, the company has confirmed that it plans to eventually offer live streaming to all of its content partners (it may just take a while to get there).

Intel Wi-Di hooks your laptop to your TV wirelessly
Intel Wi-Di hooks your laptop to your TV wirelessly

If you have a current-generation Core i3, i5 or i7 with Intel 802.11n wireless and Windows 7, your notebook already has Wi-Di (wireless display) built in — the ability to stream the laptop screen to a TV or any other device with Wi-Di.

Until now, people haven’t really been aware of Wi-Di because Intel has been waiting for the consumer tech industry to catch up and build the technology into TVs. Some notebook manufacturers also haven’t installed the “My WiFi” and “Intel Wireless Display” software that enables the screen transmission.

although Intel said Wi-Di relied on the processing power of “Core” CPUs when it was first released, it was today demoing it running on a tablet prototype running on a dual-core Atom.

Spammers have to stomach big fines from the courts | The Australian
Spammers have to stomach big fines from the courtsTHE Federal Court in Brisbane fined SMS spammer Jobspy $22.5 million last December.

ACMA alleged the firm created fake profiles on dating websites to obtain personal mobile phone numbers, then charged those responding $5 per message.

In Brisbane the same month, Lance Thomas Atkinson was fined $210,000 for sending unsolicited emails advertising herbal products and watches.

ACMA told the court more than 100,000 Australians had complained about receiving the spam.

And Optus was fined $110,000 in January 2009 for breaching the Spam Act with its promotion of entertainment services in direct messages to customers’ mobiles.

Breakfast TV goes mobile | The Australian
Breakfast TV goes mobile

SEVEN’S Sunrise breakfast show will be the first commercial TV program to launch applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The ABC is at the forefront of putting television onto mobile devices and already has applications for several programs, including Hungry Beast, Poh’s Kitchen, ABC for Kids, rage and Beached Az. Radio networks like Radio National and Triple J also have their own applications available for download from abc.net.au

Online videos approach a billion views | The Australian
Online videos approach a billion views

Four out of five online Australians (81 per cent), or 10.7 million people, watched videos online in July, with almost a billion (970 million) videos viewed that month.

The average viewer watched more than seven hours of video, meaning that Australians’ use of online video rivals the time they spend on social networking site Facebook, which has riven above eight hours a month.

The 539 million videos viewed on Google-owned sites accounted for more than half (55.5 per cent) of all views, and 99 per cent of these were watched on YouTube.

Other stats on this link if need to know more


Google unveils faster web search | The Australian
Google unveils faster web search

“Google Instant actually gets queries and gives you search results as you type and streams those results to your computer,” Google vice president of search products and user experience Marissa Mayer said.


Applidium — Portfolio — Développement d’applications iPhone

You wish you could play a video file on your iPad, no matter its format ? So did we. That’s why we ported the famous VLC Media Player to the iPad.

Very soon, you’ll be able to download VLC for free on the AppStore. Supporting nearly every video format.

Info : The application is currently being reviewed by Apple for acceptance on the AppStore.

Référence : www.videolan.org

Application  VLC

How To Access Google Instant From Australia | Lifehacker Australia
How To Access Google Instant From Australia use the address www.google.com/webhp?sclient=psy for searching instead.

As with most Google online products, Google Instant is being rolled out gradually across its operations, so even some US users on the main Google.com domain haven’t yet got access and may not see it for a couple of days.

Google said in a press announcement this morning that it “hopes” the service will be added to the Australian site “in the coming weeks”, but advises: “People outside the US will be able to use Instant Search through Google.com.” In practice, your success is likely to vary even if you try this. I raised this with Google, which says the service should be available via the .com site down under “in the coming days”.



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