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Apple clears the way for an app revolution | The Australian
Apple clears the way for an app revolution

FANCY using your iPhone or iPad to play games with friends who have an Android, BlackBerry or a soon-to-be-released Windows Phone 7 mobile?

The likelihood of more apps that run on all styles of new-age phones has increased with Apple’s stunning reversal of its decision to reject apps created using cross-platform tools such as Adobe Flash CS5.

Apple’s earlier decision, in April, meant developers who created Android apps were facing an entire code rewrite to get them into Apple’s App Store. The double-up in effort meant Apple was effectively forcing app writers to go with either the Android or App Store market in the belief that most would choose the latter.

TPG posts 216pc profit rise | The Australian
TPG posts 216pc profit rise

Over 100,000 new broadband customers joined the fast-growing internet provider in the past year helping the company to record $508.2m in total revenue, up from $481.2m a year go.

According to TPG its fixed broadband customer growth over the last year far outpaced its rivals. Compared with TPG’s additional customer base, iiNet added 48,000 clients, Optus netted 12,000 while Telstra lost 19,000.

TPG expects to hit the 500,000 broadband customer mark by the end of this month.

iTWire – Sony enables Blu-Ray 3D in PS3
Sony enables Blu-Ray 3D in PS3

PlayStation 3 firmware 3.50 to unleash an extra dimension of Blu-Ray play back.

Sony Computer Entertainment recently announced that some of the company’s biggest games titles will be available to consumers this year in stereoscopic 3D, including, the highly anticipated, Gran Turismo®5.  Popular franchises from the publishing community will also make their way into consumer homes in stereoscopic 3D on PlayStation 3 in the near future, with titles such as KillZone®3, Crysis 2 from Electronic Arts Inc., Mortal Kombat from Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, Shaun White Skateboarding and Tom Clancy™’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier™ from Ubisoft®, as well as Tron: Evolution The Game from Disney©. In 2010, only Sony can deliver a full “lens to lounge room” 3D experience from content capture, content creation such as films to games, to device delivery that provides the ultimate 3D enjoyment in the home.

iTWire – See how my 3D garden grows
Electronic Arts is sowing the seeds of growth for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS, the no-glasses-required 3D handheld device.

Pirate Party fizzles in Swedish polls – Oddware – Technology – News – iTnews.com.au
Pirate Party fizzles in Swedish polls

5 billionth photo uploaded to Flickr – CNN.com
5 billionth photo uploaded to Flickr

Facebook, by comparison, says half that number — 2.5 billion photos — are uploaded to its social network each month.

Facebook claims to be the largest photo-sharing site on the internet, and more than 15 billion photos had been uploaded to the site as of April 2009, according to Facebook’s blog.

iTWire – Wireless Internet connections exceed fixed line
Wireless Internet connections exceed fixed line

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released its latest Internet Activity Report. It has included mobile handsets for the first time putting mobile connections well ahead of fixed



Airbus wants to build invisible passenger plane | News.com.auhttp://www.news.com.au/technology/airbus-wants-to-build-invisible-passenger-plane/story-e6frfro0-1225925698591

Giant Magnatron skill-tester is ready to rumble | News.com.au

We can build whatever animal you want to eat, say scientists | News.com.au

Doctors use lasers to blast worm living behind man’s eye for nine months | News.com.au

Hi-tech set of wheels gives athletes an edge | The Australian

Fabrican – clothes in a can make catwalk debut | News.com.au

SA govt seeks $432m hardware panel – Business – News

Fujitsu drives Toyota towards Windows 7 – Business – News

World computer conference struggles for relevance | The Australian

IBM to acquire Netezza for $1.7 billion | Business Tech – CNET News

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