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Android “on-body” feature stops you unlocking phone

Google has brought a new security feature to the latest update of its Lollipop release of Android, allowing users to keep their device unlocked as long as its still on their body.

Known as “On-body detection”, this new feature keeps your smartphone unlocked for as long as it’s held in someone’s hand or put in a pocket. The moment the device is placed on a surface the phone locks itself,

Australian IT duo tackle Minecraft addiction

The KoalaSafe unit plugs into an existing home router to create an additional ‘Koala’ wifi network for the children to use. Mills and Pack’s software – accessed from a smartphone app – then manages the parental controls.

Pack – along with fellow University of Technology, Sydney alumni Adam Mills – has invented a plug-and-play box that logs and controls how much time a child spends on each Internet activity.

Taylor Swift buys .porn and .adult web domain names

Taylor Swift has bought the web domain names TaylorSwift.porn and TaylorSwift.adult.

Microsoft Office has registered Office.porn and Office.adult. Domains can cost up to $2,500.
However, .porn and .adult are $99

Richard Branson and Stringfellows are other names to have bought .adult and .porn domains, according to ICANN.

Another domain name being released in June is .sucks.

“Party like it’s 1989”, “this sick beat”, “cause we never go out of style”, “could show you incredible things” and “nice to meet you, where you been?” were all apparently registered by the singer with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

so what are they saying that no one can use these in any songs eva again?

Turnbull introduces bill to block piracy websites

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull today introduced proposed laws to allow content owners to apply for websites faciliating online piracy to be blocked,

The online copyright bill will amend the Copyright Act to allow rights holders to apply for overseas websites used for downloading and uploading copyright infringing content to be blocked.

Content owners will not be restricted in the number of websites they can request be blocked in one injunction.

The bill also does not dictate how a website should be blocked, and similarly contains no mention of compensation for ISPs required to comply with the legislation.

It estimates compliance to the scheme would cost internet service providers $130,000 per year.

Owners of a website to be blocked will need to be notified under the current version of the bill, but the provision could be waived by a judge if the site owner in question is unable to be contacted.

A rights holder must prove the infringement is occuring in Australia

Before granting a site blocking request, a judge must consider whether other jurisdictions have blocked the site and whether it is in the public interest to remove access to the site.

A judge will be able to limit the extent of time a site remains blocked, and may also revoke a block upon application.

It is unclear how a site block will be communicated to internet users.

Turnbull has previously conceded that shutting down overseas file-sharing websites could result in a game of whack-a-mole – such was the case with The Pirate Bay, which reappeared under a different domain after the file-sharing site was pulled down in a Swedish raid.

Facebook offers Messenger to businesses

Social network Facebook is pushing its Messenger service into businesses, partnering with Zendesk to offer live chat support.

The company today said businesses could use Messenger for live customer support and to offer users services such as push notification.

Aimed initially at retailers, Business Messenger could allow a customer to start a conversation with the retailer during checkout; receive updates on order confirmations and shipping status; and ask the business free-form questions about their order.

Apple phases out dual-boot support for Windows 7

Dual-booting Mac users who wish to stick with Windows 7 will not be able to run the OS on Apple’s latest MacBook models, as support for the older Microsoft operating system is phased out.

Apple’s multi-boot solution Boot Camp running on the newest 2015 MacBook models will only support Windows 8 or later, the company’s support page reveals.

Users who have purchased Apple’s 13in MacBook Pro retina model, the new 13in MacBook Air, or new 11in MacBook Air –  which launched alongside Apple’s Watch earlier this month – will only be able to run Windows 8 and above on their new devices.

PayPal Launches Free Return Shipping

PayPal Australia has today launched Free Return Shipping, a new service that allows customers to refund their shipping costs on eligible online purchases.

PayPal will foot the bill for parcel returns at no cost to the retailer! The program is launching simultaneously in three markets – France, Canada and Australia.

The announcement comes in response to research from Ipsos and PayPal, which finds that concerns around high return shipping costs are discouraging over half of online shoppers from making repeat purchases.

From today, customers who have opted into the free service and who are looking to return an item will be able to request a shipping refund on the PayPal website within 14 days and once approved, be reimbursed costs up to $45 on eligible purchases.

Gold and other metals in human poo at levels worth mining

Human poo contains gold and other precious metals, together with rare elements such as palladium and vanadium, at a level that is commercially viable and could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, scientists believe.

In Australia, with the population over 23 million that’s $379 million of gold.

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