Episode 585 – Aussie Tech Heads Shownotes

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Doctor Who on Twitch


Twitch is joining forces with BBC Studios for the first-ever digital broadcasting event of the Classic Doctor Who era. Over 500 episodes from 26 seasons dating from the show’s inception in 1963 until the 1980s will air worldwide over a seven-week period. Starting May 29, fans can tune in each week Monday to Friday at 11 am PDT to catch episodes on Twitch.tv/TwitchPresents.




Court favours Optus, rules Telstra’s “unlimited” ads were misleading

Telstra said the use of “unlimited” in the context of the ad conveys “nothing definitive, doing no more than [to] cause a viewer to wonder about its meaning”, and that the ads themselves are just “teasers” meant to “foster intrigue and arouse attention through consumer curiosity” rather than conveying a clear message or statement to customers.


“Optus took this action because it felt the advertisement was likely to mislead consumers and our actions have been comprehensively vindicated by this judgement.”

Optus took Telstra to court earlier this week over the advertisements, claiming that the use of “unlimited” had no qualification or explanation accompanying it.


What to expect at Apple’s WWDC 2018 conference

WWDC, or Worldwide Developer Conference, or ‘Dub-dub DC’, is Apple’s yearly conference aimed at, you guessed it, developers. It’s a weeklong event with a focus on software, kicked off with a keynote that tends to include a handful of big announcements.


It’s all but certain Apple will announce updates to its major software platforms, meaning we’ll hear about: iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12.


Perhaps the biggest addition with macOS 10.14 will be the ability for iOS 12 apps to work with Mac computers. That merger would be a major talking point, although some analysts have said it isn’t likely to happen until 2019.

With watchOS 5, we may see Apple’s purchase of sleep-tracking company Beddit come to fruition with some integrated sleep monitoring in the Apple Watch. There will also probably be some new watch faces, and tweaks to the Control Center.


Outage strikes Telstra 3G and 4G mobile services

Telstra’s network was struck by another outage on Monday morning, taking down 3G and 4G mobile voice and data services across the country.

The telco confirmed that the issue was impacting 4G, which in turn caused congestion for 3G services.


The Australian government is currently investigating a previous Telstra outage that impacted calls to triple zero on 4 May


It is the second major outage on Telstra’s 4G network this month following problems on 1 May.


Australians lost hundreds of millions to online, phone scammers in 2017

The ACCC today released a report that found Australians had lost a total of $340 million to scammers in 2017, the highest losses ever since the commission started reporting scam activity.


The $340 million in total losses was a $40 million increase compared with 2016.


Independent podcasters chip in to support Salvos’ Red Shield Day


In partnership with Whooshkaa, The Osher Günsberg Podcast and a network of Australian independent podcasts are donating their shows and the messaging in and around them to support the Salvation Army ahead of this years Red Shield Appeal Doorknock Weekend on 26 and 27 May.

Creators who have donated their shows are:


The Osher Günsberg Podcast

Aussie Tech Heads

Australian True Crime

Everything For The Man (EFTM)

Junktime AFL

Nitty Gritty Committee

One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady

Show + Tell

The Art of Decluttering

True Crime Sisters


Microsoft stops rollout of Windows 10 update for devices with select Intel, Toshiba SSDs


Microsoft has halted the rollout of its Windows 10 April 2018 update to some machines after discovering PCs with certain Intel and Toshiba solid state hard drive models would crash following patching.


The company identified that “select devices with Toshiba XG4 Series, Toshiba XG5 Series or Toshiba BG3 Series solid state disk (SSD) drives may exhibit lower battery life” and that “select devices with Intel SSD 600p Series or Intel SSD Pro 6000p Series may crash and enter a UEFI screen after reboot” when attempting the update.

As a result Microsoft said it was is working with the vendors to block devices with the incompatible components from installing the update and said it anticipated that the release date for the resolution for this issue would be available in early June.

In the meantime, the vendor recommends users experiencing the issue revert to the previous update of Windows 10.


Hackers infect more than 500,000 devices as malicious attack looms

Cisco has warned that hackers have infected at least 500,000 routers and storage devices in dozens of countries with sophisticated malicious software


Cisco said the new malware, dubbed VPNFilter, could be used for espionage, to interfere with internet communications or launch destructive attacks on Ukraine, which has previously blamed Russia for massive hacks that took out parts of its energy grid and shuttered factories. VPNFilter gives hackers remote access to infected machines, which they can use for spying, launching attacks on other computers or downloading additional types of malware


“The known devices affected by VPNFilter are Linksys, MikroTik, NETGEAR and TP-Link networking equipment in the small and home office (SOHO) space, as well at QNAP network-attached storage (NAS) devices,” Cisco said


The malware also includes an auto-destruct feature that hackers can use to delete the malware and other software on infected devices, making them inoperable, he said.


Optus will progressively close Virgin Mobile

Optus is set to phase out its Virgin Mobile brand over the next two years and will contact customers “in the coming days” to outline their options.


Virgin Mobile Australia became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Optus back in 2006.


Rivals like Telstra also run a similar business model; its low-cost option is branded Belong.