Episode 648- Aussie Tech Heads Shownotes

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Apple to supply iPhone parts to independent repair businesses

Apple said Thursday that qualified independent repair businesses will now be able to get access to out-of-warranty iPhone parts.

Authorised Service Providers, Apple noted, receive access to both in-warranty parts and out-of-warranty parts for all Apple products. The Apple announcement only mentions making out-of-warranty parts available to non-authorised service providers, and only mentions providing parts for the iPhone.

The independent repair provider program is free to join, but repair shops will be required to have an Apple-certified technician on staff.

“Qualifying repair businesses will receive Apple-genuine parts, tools, training, repair manuals and diagnostics at the same cost as AASPs,” Apple said in the news release.




The 50 Best Places to Work are selected and ranked by Great Place to Work Australia, a global workplace research and consulting firm.



Virgin Australia bans ALL MacBooks from checked-in luggage

Virgin Australia has banned passengers from bringing all Apple MacBook models in their checked-in baggage over potential fire risks.

The airline cited Apple’s worldwide recall of older generation 15-inch MacBooks in June, after discovering that their lithium-ion batteries could overheat, causing a fire.

Customers can check their device’s serial number on Apple’s website to see if it’s eligible for a free battery replacement.


Virgin Australia warned customers that all MacBook models will be restricted to carry-on baggage only until further notice, not just affected models.


Eight men facing charges over illegal streaming sites


Eight men who allegedly ran pirate streaming services that claimed to offer more content than Netflix have been indicted in the US.

Jetflicks and iStreamItAll claimed to be used by thousands of subscribers and allegedly lost copyright owners “millions of dollars”.

Together they claimed to have more than 300,000 TV episodes and films available to users in the US and Canada.

Many of the films had yet to be made available for home viewing.

Jetflicks charged users $9.99 (£8.20) per month, while iStreamItAll, which has yet to be closed down, currently offers monthly plans for $19.99 and charges $179.99 for a full year.


It is alleged that the services used coding to illegally obtain video from torrent websites like The Pirate Bay.


They used sophisticated computer code to scour global pirate sites for new illegal content to download, process and store the shows, and then make those episodes available on servers in the United States and Canada to subscribers for streaming and/or downloading,” the statement said.

The DOJ added that some of the movies offered by iStreamItAll “were not yet available for authorised sale, download, or viewing outside a movie theatre”.


The defendants could face up to five years in prison if convicted.


Google launches Android 10


Google has officially begun rolling out Android 10, formerly known as Android Q, though at present only the company’s own-brand Pixel handsets will qualify for the upgrade.

Android 10, the first version of the Linux-based mobile operating system to not include a codename based on desserts and sweets since before Google took over

Additional new features in Android 10 include accessibility functions like Live Caption and Sound Amplifier, a new smart reply system, improved control over when and how applications can use your location data, a distraction-reducing function dubbed Focus Mode, and a usage-tracking and limiting system called Family Link – which, potentially controversially, allows parents to monitor the location of their children though linked handsets.

Full details on all the changes in Android 10 can be found on the official website; those on compatible Google Pixel handsets, meanwhile, will begin receiving over-the-air updates over the coming days. Those too impatient to wait for OTA updates, meanwhile, can download and install the upgrade manually from the Google Developers site. At the time of writing, Android 10 updates were available for the Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 2, Pixel XL, and Pixel handsets; the Pixel C, meanwhile, remains limited to Android 8.1 without the use of third-party firmwares.


World’s ‘first space hotel’ revealed for 400 astro-tourists




The orbiting space station is designed to accommodate 400 guests and has facilities that you find in top hotels, such as restaurants, bars and a cinema.

It has called the creation the Von Braun Space Station and has plans for it to build upon technology that is already used in the International Space Station (ISS).

However, instead of being used for scientific purposes, it would be more like an orbiting cruise ship with luxury accommodation and cocktail bars.

The designers also think there will be space for educational seminars in the hotel though.

Unlike the ISS, the aim is for the space hotel to have artificial gravity so guests can walk around as normal.

This would make staying there long-term more feasible and short stays much more comfortable.

The hotel has been designed in a 190-metre-diameter wheel shape.

The plan is for this wheel to rotate so it creates a similar gravitational force to the one that is felt on the Moon.