IM+ – From Episode 286

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Is there anyone out there still using IM. I guess there’s still a few of you. This week’s app is by far the best IM experience there is – well at least on a mobile device.

IM+ Pro supports a huge number of services and integrates them into one beautiful interface. Some of the services supported are Skype, Facebook, MSN, Google, AIM, ICQ,and strangely Twitter. The list goes on for quite some time but I must admit that they become fairly obscure. Unfortunately, some might say, Facebook chat has become one of the most common ways of chatting online and this is certainly a good client for that.

The inclusion of twitter works surprisingly well, at least for basic stuff. There’s also their own beep service. Which is yet another SMS replacement that probably no one really needs.
I like the push notification, you can set this for events like a certain contact coming online. . The app is also optimised for both the iPad and iPod/iPhone screen sizes.

IM+ is a free version of the IM+ Pro app but it has adds and is lacking a few of the platforms. Probably the only one missing that anyone cares about is Skype. Facebook and Live Messenger are still available in the free version of the app.

The app also works extremely well with Voice Over. If you are still into IM or chatting on Facebook or Skype then I wouldn’t recommend a another app over this one. Give it a go.




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