iTired – From Episode 287

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iTired is a simple app that does one thing really well. Have you ever fiddled with a sleep timer which just ended up in keeping you awake far longer than necessary? No, well maybe it’s just me but I find that I am either setting the sleep timer for too short a time or too long a time.

If it’s too short you are having to properly wake up and set the timer again. If it’s too long than you’ve got to scroll back through the book or podcast the next day to find where you were up to when you fell asleep. Either way iTired will solve this very elegantly. It’s basically a dead man switch. After a set time the app will give you a gentle audio nudge in the back ground of what you’re listening to. All you need do is touch the screen or vol button and the app will keep playing your book. When you do fall asleep and then fail to touch the screen at the apps prompting, the app will switch off the thing you’re listening to and take it back to the last place you interacted with your phone.

As I said, it’s a pretty simple app but it’s like Apple stuff – it just works. The app solves a problem which might only be a little problem, but if the spending of a couple of dollars can save me some of that daily annoyance than I’ll spend it happily.


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