Iyaz Akhtar Interview

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Iyaz Akhtar joined the TWIT network full time in March 2011. Iyaz is the associate producer and a host for Tech News Today. He is often referred to as someone who "hates fun", but has yet to confirm or deny this. Iyaz also hosted the show ION or In Other News, a show devoted to the news that didn't make the news.

Beginning in July 2012 Iyaz and Leo joined up for the show Know How the first dedicated hands-on how-to show on the TWiT network. December 19, 2013 was Iyaz's final live appearance as a host on the TWiT Network. (His last show broadcast was Tech News Today episode 911, which was pre-recorded.) Iyaz now works at CNET. (Twit.tv)

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