Speed Up Player Pro – Episode 281

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Hi again and welcome to another quick review. This week are taking a look at Speed Up Player Pro. It does pretty much what you’d expect it would from the title. It allows you to speed up the play back of audio on your iPhone or other iDevice. There is limited support for speeding up books directly in the iPhones music player but Speed Up takes it to the next level. It gives much better control of the speed of the podcast or audio book you are listening to.

It may seem a bit strange at first to be speeding up the audio at first and this app lets you just speed it up a little, then a little bit more. You’ll soon be getting through twice as much content as you were previously.

The killer feature that the app developer has recently added is Drop Box support. I have never had an issue with using iTunes to manage the music and other content on my phone but it is wonderful to be able to just drop it into dropbox on my Mac or PC and play it with this app.

Check out the app store for all the features.  It has the usual things you would expect in this sort of app like asleep timer and the ability to put things into a playlist. It is like a lot of the apps I like in that it does a few things well.




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