Backing up your data is a very important task and should be performed at least weekly.
Backing up your data and photos prevents possible loss of your valuable data should you have
  • Malicious Virus
  • Hard drive crash
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • User error

There are many ways you can backup your data.  We advise that if you are going to backup to physical media that you ensure that you do two backups and store one of those off site.  By storing one backup off site (eg. at a friends house or at the bank) then if your premises burns down, your backup does not burn with it.

Other solutions are cloud storage solutions.  This is a method where your data is uploaded to another computer/server via the internet.  There are many services these days where for a small cost will take care of your previous data and backups.  This data is then available at anytime to be downloaded in case it is needed. 
We can organise and implement a backup regime for you by using any method desired. 
Most backup solutions can be designed to work automatically taking the chore out of doing it every day. 
If you haven't implemented a backup procedure and you are attached to your data, contact us today and we can organise peace of mind today.

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  • data-retrieval Data RecoveryRecover photo's and data from your old hard drive or transfer it to a new PC. We can work with unbootable drives!.
  • pc-checkup PC CheckupWe'll give your PC a $25 checkup. Give you a personalised printed report helping to keep on top of potential problems.
  • backup BackupDon't lose your photo's and important data. We can show you how to backup in case of hard drive failure
  • virus-removal Virus RemovalDon't lose your photo's and important data. We can show you how to backup in case of hard drive failure
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