Data Recovery

Ever turned on you computer and it didn't start?
Your computer was so slow and it didn't load?
What about deleted a file or photo or worse a bunch of them?
Accidentally formatted the wrong dive?
Or deleted or messed up a partition?
Well just because you can't see your data, or your computer seems dead, doesn't mean that you have lost your data.
Sure things go wrong.  Hard Drives fail - everything does over time.  But your data may still be accessible and may not be lost.
We have various tools and experience to recover data from drives even if they do not boot (windows does not start).
If you can get your computer or hard drive to us quickly, we can recover deleted files too!

TIP: If you accidentally delete or have a hard drive failure, the quicker you act the higher the chance you have to save your data.  The more you use your hard drive after you delete a file, the more chance that it cannot be recovered.

Call us immediately for advice if you experience loss of data.

If you have purchased a new computer and need to move your data/images from the old machine, we can do that with the minimum of fuss.  Our transfer service is painless and efficient and we'll have your data on the new computer quickly. 

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You can expect...

$25 PC Hardware Health Check
Plain English, No Geek Speak
No Surprises
Remote Service, Wherever You Are
Strict Privacy With Your Data
Helpful and Friendly Technicians
  • data-retrieval Data RecoveryRecover photo's and data from your old hard drive or transfer it to a new PC. We can work with unbootable drives!.
  • pc-checkup PC CheckupWe'll give your PC a $25 checkup. Give you a personalised printed report helping to keep on top of potential problems.
  • backup BackupDon't lose your photo's and important data. We can show you how to backup in case of hard drive failure
  • virus-removal Virus RemovalDon't lose your photo's and important data. We can show you how to backup in case of hard drive failure
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