PC Checkup

Keeping your computer in good condition is vital to it performing reliably and efficiently for a long period of time.
Dust is one of the most common problems facing computer malfunctions.  If you keep your computer on the floor or on a desktop, over time as air circulates throughout the machine, particles of dust remain and begin to build up.  We can remove all the lose dust from components within, giving your machine the best chance to last you for a long time.
We can perform 'stress' tests on almost all of the components in your computer.  A stress test puts your computer under exaggerated levels to ensure stability when used in a normal environment. 

Our software can stress test hard drives, RAM, CPU, PCI Bus, PCI Bridge and more.  Just about every component that makes the computer run, we can test and provide a report for you to keep at the end.

If the tests find any issues, we can advise on how these issues may be overcome.  A stress test can normally pick up issues before they become and issue.
We can provide at our workshop a diagnostic stress test on the most common components within your computer for $25. 
If you would like us to perform the test at your location on site, a call out fee would be charged.  Please call us for more information for the onsite tests.

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You can expect...

$25 PC Hardware Health Check
Plain English, No Geek Speak
No Surprises
Remote Service, Wherever You Are
Strict Privacy With Your Data
Helpful and Friendly Technicians
  • data-retrieval Data RecoveryRecover photo's and data from your old hard drive or transfer it to a new PC. We can work with unbootable drives!.
  • pc-checkup PC CheckupWe'll give your PC a $25 checkup. Give you a personalised printed report helping to keep on top of potential problems.
  • backup BackupDon't lose your photo's and important data. We can show you how to backup in case of hard drive failure
  • virus-removal Virus RemovalDon't lose your photo's and important data. We can show you how to backup in case of hard drive failure
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