Episode 599 – Aussie Tech Heads Shownotes

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Microsoft to host Teams data in Australia

Microsoft will start hosting Teams data for new Australian customers onshore starting this week in an effort to help customers comply with their data residency obligations.

conversations and chat will be stored in Microsoft’s two Azure data centres in New South Wales and Victoria. This includes other media shared through Teams, SharePoint Online site content and files uploaded to OneDrive for Business.

The new data residency option was made available this Monday for customers who had never previously logged into Teams.

Existing Teams customers will not automatically have their data migrated to local regions though. Microsoft plans to offer a migration tool to existing customers sometime next year, who can then plug into the Move program in Office 365 to migrate their data to Australia. Until then, their Teams data will continue to be stored in Microsoft’s APAC locations in Singapore and Hong Kong.


MYOB nudges half-a-million online subscribers

online subscriber count grew by 61 percent to reach 492,000 for the six months ended 30 June 2018. The company said it was on track to reach its goal of 1 million subscribers by 2020.

MYOB also reported its results for the first half of the 2018 financial year, with revenue up 7 percent to $218.5 million.


MYOB’s preferred measure for profit is net profit after tax and after adding back the tax effected amortisation expense related to acquired intangibles due to “the large amount of non-cash amortisation of acquired intangible that is reflected in NPAT”, this figure was down 6 percent to $45.6 million.

The company thanked its growth on recurring revenue from its SME business which was up 7 percent to $135.6 million. MYOB’s two “expansion” segments, enterprise solutions and payments, also had a strong showing, with revenue up 10 percent and 75 percent respectively and accounting for 17 percent of total revenue at $37.7 million.


Facebook Watch video service launches worldwide


Users will be able to choose from a range of shows – from both established brands and new players – and have the ability to view clips saved from their News Feeds.


allow all content creators to feature advertising breaks, so long as they hit certain metrics.

The revenue split will be 55% to the creators and 45% to Facebook.


To qualify publishers must:

  • have created videos lasting longer than three minutes
  • have attracted more than 30,000 viewers who stayed for more than one minute when watching the content over the past two months
  • have more than 10,000 followers


Put a headphone jack back into iphone

I love my iPhone, but it doesn’t have a headphone jack!  So I decided to add my own. For real.






British diver Elon Musk called a ‘pedo’ is preparing to sue for libel


A LAWYER has sent tech billionaire Elon Musk a brutal letter which confirms British diver Vernon Unsworth is preparing to sue him for defamation.

It comes after the SpaceX and Tesla CEO called the experienced rescuer — who played a vital role in extracting the Thai schoolboys from a perilous flooded cave system last month — a “pedo”

Yesterday’s Twitter spat began when Mr Musk had insisted that, contrary to a piece in The New York Times, he had not shed tears during a recent interview with the publication about his business troubles and bad habits.

TechCrunch writer Drew Olanoff, who uses the name @yoda on Twitter, responded that his new “dedication to truth and facts would have been wonderful if applied to that time you called someone a pedo”.

“You don’t think it’s strange he hasn’t sued me?” Musk shot back. “He was offered free legal services. And yet you call yourself @yoda …”


Joes Podcast for 30/08/2018
New Bose Smart Speakers



  • There is one that’s called The Bose 500..and it’s a new Alexa-enable smart speaker priced at roundabout $400 and will ship in October


  • There also is a Bose 500 and a Bose 700 sound bar which also include Alexa access and are priced at $550 for the Bose 500 sound bar and $800 for the Bose 800 sound bar.


  • Bose says that additional voice assistants will be added in the future like Google Assistant and AirPlay 2 for simple streaming from Apple devices will be added in early 2019.


  • Bose says – It takes just one Home Speaker 500 to deliver true stereo separation — there’s no need to pair two of them.


  • Apparently The 500 and 700 model soundbars include Bose ADAPTiQ technology which adjusts sound based on room dimensions.


  • Alexa is supported by an eight-microphone array designed to support both near-field and far-field voice interaction…. Bose claims thier products all include advanced microphone technology for precise, “voice pickup — when it’s quiet, noisy, or your music is playing loudly.”
  • What we don’t know yet is whether the company can engineer the speakers to support both voice assistants simultaneously or you will need to choose a default.



Zambia wants to tax calls made over social media apps



Here is something interesting, i wonder if it will ever come here too ?


  • Callers who thought they’d save money by using internet services will have to start to pay even more in Zambia. The country’s government has approved a tax on internet calls in order to what they say is to protect large telcos.


  • The new tariff, which was announced last week, will be collected through the mobile phone companies and the internet service providers. The fee will be charged at a daily rate at (3c) per day, irrespective of how many internet calls are made.


  • Dora Siliya, who is also the government’s spokeswoman, defended the new regulation as a means to save jobs in Zambia. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber enjoy an unfair advantage over telecommunications providers because they don’t pay tax, she said on Twitter. The new law would ensure competitiveness in Zambia’s telecommunications industry.




Yahoo Mail is still scanning your emails



Yep if you use a yahoo email they are still scanning your emails

for data to sell to advertisers


  • Yahoo says… It knows you use Yahoo to contain your spam and retail emails, so it’s going to analyze those emails and sell your data to advertisers.
  • Yahoo’s owners are in talks with advertisers to provide a service to them that would analyze over 200 million Yahoo Mail inboxes for consumer data.
  • Yahoo confirmed to the Wall Street Journal in a recent article that it performs email scannings and said that it only scans promotional emails, usually from retailers.
  • Personal emails are ignored and personally identifiable information is hidden from the data that’s given to advertisers, Oath told the WSJ. The algorithm has made mistakes before, though.


  • Users do have the ability to opt out, it said. thier argument is that email is an expensive system to run, and people can’t expect a free service without some value exchanged.
  • Even the emails in Yahoo’s premium email service, which costs $3.49 a month, are subject to the analysis, unless users opt out.
  • To opt out, you have to specifically head into the Ad Interest Manager and select “opt out.” The page is not located in Settings, which makes it hard to find.
  • So if you still use a Yahoo email account , go opt-out .