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Optus first to announce midnight launch of iPhone 4
Optus first to announce midnight launch of iPhone 4

Optus this morning confirmed plans to launch Apple’s latest iPhone 4 handset at midnight launches around the country on Thursday night, despite Apple itself publicising plans to open its stores from 8AM Friday 300710 morning.

Slim version won’t be too hot to handle: Xbox 360 Slim | The Australian
Slim version won’t be too hot to handle: Xbox 360 Slim

MICROSOFT has signalled it wants another five years out of its Xbox 360 games console

The new unit adds two more USB ports for a total of five and scores another special USB to hook in the upcoming Kinect, full-body motion-sensing controller.

There’s a wireless controller and a 250GB hard drive for storage but it comes in a proprietary casing, meaning owners can’t upgrade their storage with an off-the-shelf drive as you can with Sony’s PlayStation 3.

Other extra goodies over the old model include built-in Wi-Fi, an optical audio connector and a headset thrown in for the unit’s $449 price. A cheaper model, with 4GB of flash memory rather than the 250GB hard drive may come here later this year.

hold off until the $199 Kinect controller launches this Christmas.Microsoft has said it will bundle Kinect, a game and the Xbox 360 for $449 when the new motion controller hits the market here

Aussie inventor of the black box dies | The Australian
Aussie inventor of the black box dies

THE Australian inventor of the “black box” flight recorder has died at 85.

David Warren was working as a scientist at Melbourne’s Aeronautical Research Laboratory and was helping investigate the 1953 mystery crash of a Comet jetliner when he came up with the idea of recording pilots and instrument readings to explain accidents.

1960 Australia became the first country in the world to make a ruling that all airliners should carry a flight recorder after the crash of a Fokker Friendship in Queensland.

Chatroulette tries to ditch the flashers – CNN.com
Chatroulette tries to ditch the flashers

The major hitch in that utopian vision: the nakedness, which led some to turn away from the site.

Salon.com posted an article on June 29 titled “R.I.P. Chatroulette,” citing lewd material on the site as the reason it will die a fad.

“Cause of death: penises,” Salon wrote.

The Creator proposed a solution: Track down the naked offenders and turn them in to the cops.

“With the help of a few good developers we’ve started collecting information, such as IP addresses, logs and screen captures of offenders who actually break US/UN laws by broadcasting innapropriate [sic] content in a specific situations,” he writes.

We’re running out of internet addresses – CNN.com
We’re running out of internet addresses

according to statements from prominent internet thinkers this week, we may run out of internet protocol — or IP — addresses in less than a year.

reasons include the increase in mobile devices connecting to the Internet and the annual growth in user-generated content on the Web.”

Only 4 billion internet addresses are possible under the current system, and those will all be exhausted in less than a year, John Curran, president and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers, told ReadWriteWeb.

Researchers have been working on IPv6 for more than a decade, but according to reports on the matter, adoption has been slow.

Now, some writers are comparing the situation to Y2K. They say we need to act now to shift to the new system or the internet might stop working.

Playboy unveils ‘safe for work’ website – CNN.com
Playboy unveils ‘safe for work’ website

The Smoking Jacket, Playboy’s nudity-free, “safe-for-work” website, debuted Tuesday — a bid by the iconic men’s magazine to stay relevant in a cyberworld full of anything-goes competitors.


The site, which “provides guys with smart and sexy distractions throughout the day,” according to the statement, is geared toward the blogosphere, with short posts and links to viral content from other sites.

Telstra launches 200GB ADSL assault – Telco/ISP – Technology – News – iTnews.com.au
Telstra launches 200GB ADSL assault

Telstra has again put the squeeze on its competitors by undercutting resellers of its wholesale ADSL ports by up to $100 a month on high-quota plans.

ISP Internode last week accused Telstra of engaging in “anti-competitive conduct” in a letter to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Graeme Samuel.

Telstra’s 200GB plan was now $89.95 a month when bundled with a “full-service fixed phone” from the carrier.

iPhone 4 Australian launch guide
iPhone 4 Australian launch guide


Optus is offering the following plans on a 24 month contract. They include unlimited mobile access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, eBay and Foursquare.

Extreme Cap Plans:

$49 – $450 calls, 1GB data (plus $8 upfront for 16GB iPhone 4 and $15 upfront for 32GB model)

$59 – $550 calls, 2GB data (plus $10 upfront for 32GB model)

$79 – $800 calls, 2GB data

$89 – Unlimited calls, 3GB data

Timeless Extreme Plans:

Includes unlimited talk, text, video calls and MMS

$89 – 3GB data

$99 – 5GB data

$129 – 6GB data

More details: www.optus.com.au/iphone4pricing


Telstra is offering the following plans on a 24 month contract:

NextG Cap Plans:

$49 – $400 calls, 200MB data (Upfront cost: $149 16GB; $299 32GB)

$79 – $750 calls, 500MB data (Upfront cost: $0 16GB; $199 32GB)

$99 – $1000 calls, 500MB

More details: www.telstra.com/iphone4

Telstra blunder directs Twitter users to Facebook hate page
Telstra blunder directs Twitter users to Facebook hate page

In an embarrasing blunder, a Telstra employee this morning directed Telstra’s official Twitter account followers to a Facebook page entitled “Telstra is pathetic“.

At first, some users of the social networking website speculated the Telstra account had been hacked.

The rogue tweet by Telstra was removed shortly after it was sent to its followers, with a message stating that it was not meant to have been tweeted.

“With our team working across several social media platforms we’ve (I’ve) entered a Facebook group link in the wrong place,” Telsta employee “Greg” said in the tweet.

In a statement to this website, Telstra said the tweet was a “simple human error” by one of the Telstra team using a piece of software that assists in posting Twitter messages called “Tweetdeck“.

“This was simple human error by one of the team who was using Tweetdeck’s capacity to shorten URLs and accidentally posted it,” Telstra spokesman Craig Middleton said.

Telstra rogue tweet

Telstra's  responds to a tweet posted on its Twitter linking to a  Telstra hate page.

Old Spice Guy takes the web by storm
Old Spice Guy takes the web by storm

After garnering global fame as “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” in a series of Old Spice commercials, Mustafa, a former American football player, appeared on Oprah and has signed a talent deal with US network NBC.

But it’s the web that has really fallen in love with the character, in one of the rare cases where cynical web users have gravitated to a professional marketing campaign designed to spruik a product.

Mustafa has posted personalised video responses to everyone from Ellen Degeneres to Alyssa Milano to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton to even anonymous people on the internet. Dozens have been published so far with new clips going up every few minute


US Copyright Office approves jailbreaking – Software – Technology – News – iTnews.com.au
US Copyright Office approves jailbreaking

The US copyright office said that the use of procedures to remove restrictions on third party applications, a procedure otherwise known as ‘jailbreaking,’ would fall under the banner of ‘fair use,’ a series of guidelines that allow limited public use of copyrighted content.

The ruling singled out a case involving Apple’s iPhone, which has been a popular target for jailbreaking efforts since its release. The procedure has been most commonly used to install third-party applucations not offered through the App Store.

The decision noted a case between Apple and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The iPhone vendor had argued that the use of such procedures was a violation of copyright laws.

The court found that on the user level, individuals had a right to modify their handsets.

“The users is not engaging in any commercial exploitation of the firmware,” the Library of Congress wrote in its decision. (PDF)

“At least not when the jailbreaking is done for the user’s own private user of the device.”

Scientists say aliens more likely to send Twitter-like messages | News.com.au
Scientists say aliens more likely to send Twitter-like messages

SCIENTISTS believe aliens have been sending us Twitter-style messages for decades in a bid to make contact – we just haven’t been checking their tweets.

While the messages wouldn’t necessarily be restricted to 140 characters, a study suggest, ET is more likely to send out short, directed messages than continuous signals beamed in all directions.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed more than 100 planets of a similar size to Earth have been found in just the past few weeks.

The discovery was made by space telescope Kepler, which has been scanning the skies for planets orbiting stars since it was launched in January last year.

Scientists now think there are likely to be around 100 million planets in the Milky Way that harbour the right conditions for life.

They also expect to be able to identify around 60 of these habitable Earth-like planets within the next two years.

UPDATED: iPhone 4 outright pricing: $859 for 16GB, $999 for 32GB
iPhone 4 outright pricing: $859 for 16GB, $999 for 32GB Apple Australia, which has announced that the 16GB version of the iPhone 4 will sell outright for $859

Apple has confirmed the 32GB version will cost $999 upfront

Apple will also introduce the new entry-level 8GB version of the iPhone 3GS for $719. This will come loaded with iOS 4.0


James Bond producers worried by indefinite delay

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – The “James Bond 007: Blood Stone” video game event in London this month had all the class and splash one would expect from the world’s most elegant spy.

Guests sipped Champagne in the historic former church venue One Marylebone and inspected pieces of Bond memorabilia including Oddjob’s hat from “Goldfinger” and Jaws’ famous teeth. The event even featured a video game Bond girl in a stunning black evening dress, the Brit songstress Joss Stone who belts out the game’s theme song.

However impressive the Activision launch, big questions about the historic franchise loomed. Longtime Bond producer Michael G. Wilson touched on these unspoken questions from the podium. “I wish we were launching a movie,” he quipped, bringing laughter from the audience.

It was a rare public comment and an even rarer moment of mirth in the drawn-out James Bond-MGM saga, which has left the faithful feeling shaken. In April, Wilson and his half sister and fellow Bond producer, Barbara Broccoli, announced that development of the next 007 feature, known as “Bond 23,” was suspended “indefinitely.”

The baddie who finally managed to knock Bond out of commission? Financial woes at MGM, which owns rights to Bond but is saddled with a crushing $4 billion in debt. Although no one doubts that Bond will be back, questions remain about where the next picture will find its financing and whether the open-ended delay will slow the momentum the franchise had rediscovered on the rugged shoulders of Daniel Craig.

The topic fascinates the legions of Bond fans as well as industry insiders. “It’s a business problem that will be solved, and then Bond will be back,” said director Phillip Noyce, whose Bond-esque thriller “Salt” has just begun its worldwide campaign. “There’s still a lot of hunger out there for the Bond story.”

But Bond appears to be left out in the cold as MGM debtholders extended a deadline to get the studio’s financial house in order to September 15. Broccoli and Wilson declined comment but are said to be deeply concerned about the effect of an indefinite delay.

“They’re completely panicked that if they go five, six years without a Bond movie, it’ll be over,” a former MGM insider said. “They don’t want to kill the golden goose.”

According to the source, Broccoli is hoping for a sale to Time Warner. But TW’s $1.5 billion bid for the studio in May, though the highest fielded, is well below what MGM expected. And potential companies still in the hunt — Spyglass Entertainment, Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate — apparently are not on the scale that would satisfy the Bond producers.

“Bond’s the entire yearly production budget for Lionsgate, and you’ve got (hostile suitor) Carl Icahn saying they’re spending too much money,” the former MGM insider said. “These (prospective MGM buyers) freak them out. (But) all they can do is work behind the scenes to get what they want.”

Broccoli and Wilson also continue to push for Sony Pictures to be involved. The studio was behind the production, marketing and distribution of 2008’s “Quantum of Solace.”

Although a delay might be worrisome, the nearly 50-year-old movie franchise not only has kept its mojo through a steady stream of reinventions but also has rebounded despite similar previous pauses.

Bruce Feirstein, a frequent 007 screenwriter who recently completed the complex video story behind “Blood Stone,” recalls that there was a six-year wait before switching Bonds from Timothy Dalton to Pierce Brosnan for 1995’s “GoldenEye,” a film whose screenplay he worked on. The film went on to gross $352 million worldwide. “The franchise never lost its luster during that period,” Feirstein noted.

“GoldenEye” casting director Pam Dixon recalled excitedly telling the film’s director, Martin Campbell, that her young son didn’t know who Bond was. To her, that meant a chance to give the franchise a real reboot. “The long break was a plus in that instance,” she says.

“Bond 23” was moving forward on the heels of more than $1 billion in worldwide grosses from Craig’s 2006 debut “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace.”

Craig was ready to roll into action again with “Bond 23,” and “American Beauty” director Sam Mendes was in discussions to take the helm. The project was due out next year. Craig has been the good soldier during the delay, standing behind his April statement in which he said he was looking “forward to production resuming as quickly as possible.”

As 007 sits on the sidelines, Bond hardly is the only game in town. The spy marketplace is filled with competing secret agents crowding multiplexes, and those are in competition with the slew of comic book characters seeking a big slice of Bond’s audience.

Tellingly, “GoldenEye” veterans Dixon and Campbell teamed on the upcoming DC Comics creation “Green Lantern.” “Right now, comic book franchises are so popular,” Dixon says. “Who knows where we are going to be when we see the next Bond? These are very uncertain times.”

Said Feirstein: “I’m not worried about 007. There’s a line at the end of every movie which we used in the video game: It’s that James Bond will return. … It’s been true for 50 years. A hiccup like what’s going on at MGM is not going to change that.”

Federal ruling allows iPhone users to alter software

Changing operators’ fixed phone settings — a concept known as ‘jailbreaking’ — has become widely popular around the world since the 2007 introduction of Apple’s iPhone.

The move by the copyright office to give exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), will undermine handset makers like Apple’s ability to control the installation of software programs on their phones.

The copyright office is part of the Library of Congress.

The Library of Congress, which can define exceptions to existing copyright laws, said in a statement that a user can circumvent the phone’s functionality to use any legally obtained software.

The ruling also allows users to change the wireless service provider. Currently, AT&T Inc is the sole wireless service provider for Apple in the U.S.

“More than a million iPhone owners are said to have ‘jailbroken’ their handsets in order to change wireless providers,” Electronic Frontier Foundation, which fought for the exemption, said in a separate statement.

Meanwhile, an Apple spokeswoman told the Wall Street Journal that “jailbreaking can severely degrade the experience” of the iPhone and that it “can violate the warranty and can cause the iPhone to become unstable and not work reliably.”

Apple could not immediately be reached for comment by Reuters outside regular U.S. business hours.

Turkey Money Scam e-mail.

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Slim version won’t be too hot to handle: Xbox 360 Slim

MICROSOFT has signalled it wants another five years out of its Xbox 360 games console and has given the gadget a mid-life makeover.

The new Xbox 360 S or Slim is smaller and packs more features but plays the same games library as the old one.

The new unit adds two more USB ports for a total of five and scores another special USB to hook in the upcoming Kinect, full-body motion-sensing controller.

There’s a wireless controller and a 250GB hard drive for storage but it comes in a proprietary casing, meaning owners can’t upgrade their storage with an off-the-shelf drive as you can with Sony’s PlayStation 3.

Other extra goodies over the old model include built-in Wi-Fi, an optical audio connector and a headset thrown in for the unit’s $449 price. A cheaper model, with 4GB of flash memory rather than the 250GB hard drive may come here later this year.

The new box also has neat touch buttons for power on-off and disc eject.

Those pondering a purchase of the new Slim may find it will pay to hold off until the $199 Kinect controller launches this Christmas.

Microsoft has said it will bundle Kinect, a game and the Xbox 360 for $449 when the new motion controller hits the market here.

Strangely, while the Slim has an HDMI port for video connections, Microsoft doesn’t give you an HDMI cable in the box, just a composite cable.

The old Xbox 360 was a shamefully unreliable mass market electronics device with failures estimated as high as 40 per cent of the production run.

Inadequate cooling meant its innards would fry, resulting in the infamous red ring of death warning where a set of bright red LEDs would light up around the gadget’s on-off switch signalling the imminent demise of the Xbox and sending owners scrambling for their for warranty cards.

Microsoft has eliminated the red ring of death on the new Xbox 360 Slim by the simple expedient of deleting the red LEDs. On the new Xbox you get green alerts when it carks. To be fair, the new unit has a completely revamped cooling system and motherboard and is now also much, much quieter. An old Xbox on a hot day sounded more like a vacuum cleaner than a games console.

It remains to be seen if the Slim is more reliable than the old model but Microsoft would have to be barmy not to have fixed the cooling problems.

Failures on the old model were so frequent Microsoft supremo Steve Ballmer had to calm the customer base down by extending warranty coverage from one to three years and the company wore a US1 billion charge against profits as a result.

Apple iPhone 4

Smart Phones Have Weakspots
.55% Calls to Apple Care why the other 99.45 couldn’t get a signal.
6% for 3gs in early days???? Howb many days Steve
1.7% on 4 in 22 days



Aussie inventor of the black box dies | The Australian

if i said thomas eddison you would say..electricity. if i said Alexander Graham Bell, he invented…. phone what if i said David Warren…. no,

General tech

Sony working to make Blu-ray obsolete with discs that hold 25 times more data | News.com.au

All optical media is on the way out

Slashdot Your Rights Online Story | Facebook Adds Delete Account Option

Now you can delete your facebook account, not just susspend it


Telstra, Optus to hold midnight launches for Apple’s iPhone 4 in Australia | The Australian

want a phone you carnt hold,,, its almost here


A sequel 12 years in the making: Starcraft II | Crave – CNET

the have had 12 years to work on it,,, was it worth it

Slim version won’t be too hot to handle: Xbox 360 Slim | The Australian

way to flog a dead horse microsoft


Massive price cuts for BigPond broadband – Communications – News

now there only twice as dear as everyone else

NBN now to reach 93% of population – Communications – News

thay found 3% somewhere,,,

Google fixes Chrome holes, seeks security reform | Deep Tech – CNET News

get paid  leet for your trouble

How the internet is ‘more important’ to Australians than eating and drinking | News.com.au

if i  have the net i can find work, food wont get me work..

Ask returns to its Q&A roots | Digital Media – CNET News

good on them for giving it a go

Yahoo Japan switches to Google search | Deep Tech – CNET News

so much for censorship controll, or is it

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

just want people to be aware and to and to make up their own minds, but it isnt a good thing

Interesting Over Seas

India’s $35 tablet–how low can it go? | Crave – CNET

if you build it they will,,,,, buy it

Slashdot Politics Story | Porn Sites Still Exposed In China

the great firewall of china is still active, but i think porns the answer

Car that drives itself on a roadtrip | News.com.au

not sure if a trust a car able to drive and think for itself, especially if it was in brisbane, no more traffic congestion, no more getting paid to sit in traffic for hours,,, just wont work im affraid

Jailbroken – now iPhones are for porn, too | News.com.au

Finially a court with some sense

Wikileaks publishes Afghan war records, US says soldiers’ lives now at risk | News.com.au

Wikileaks founder defends decision to publish thousands of Afghan war documents | News.com.au


VHA drives customers to Vodafone with iPhone plans – Communications – News

as we know 3 and vodaphone have merged, but is all fair in love and war

US army looks to buy robots from Aussies – Business – News

Robots will take over the world, we just need bigger guns

Optus beams in satellite TV contract win – Communications – News

all you need is a dish on the roof and a box in your loungeroom

Star Trek fans offer Aussie tours in Klingon | News.com.au

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in 13sec | News.com.au

proof that muscle memory exists, saw a girl the other day texting whit her phone down beside her, and looking at her phone for about half a second to read the reply

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