Evernote – Episode 290

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Save your life with EverNote. Over stating it a bit, well, yes maybe but it is a great way to save anything and or everything that’s happening in your life or to help you remember what’s going to be happening.

EverNote lets you take text notes, make audio recordings or just take a photo and saves it in a notebook. The notes can be automatically and logically titled and easily tagged. The upshot of this is that later you’ll be able to find the note quickly. The EverNote service is available on all major mobile and desktop platforms and keeps your data synced and searchable across them all.

It’s a free service with some premium features available if you pay a low annual subscription. The sweetest of these is OCR incorporated into the the service. So take a photo of a business card and the text is taken out of the photo and made available for searching. The same is true for a street sign or a unusual bottle of beer that you enjoyed.

The apps for iPhone and iPad look great but there are a few issues with Voice Over compatibly.

Most features are completely free and so there’s no harm in giving it a try. It seems that people who use the service a while really love it. I haven’t used it long enough myself yet but I can certainly see the appeal.




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