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If you’ve got a bit of spare time over breakfast and an iPad or iPhone then get Feeddler RSS reader. There’s no better way to keep up with your favourite feeds in the morning. The app requires a Google Reader account an you can totally manage the account right from the app.

The app is extremely customisable and is a universal binary optimised for both the iPad and iPhone. The developers have done a beautiful job of blending simplicity with versatility and customisability.  This is not always an easy job and in my opinion one of the ways a developer can stand out from the crowd.

Once again there’s a free and paid version but spend a few dollars for the paid one to get rid of the banner adds.

The app is a must have for the iPad but excellent on the iPhone or iPod Touch as well. It may be just a simple thing but the one feature which makes this RSS reader my choice for my phone is the way it displays the feeds. With your typical RSS reader on the iPhone, you will need to tap into the article title to see the first part of the article. Feeddler lets you include up to 4 lines of the article with the Title.  This is often enough to get what you want.

If you do want to read on further Feeddler has an integrated browser so you can visit the originating site. It also gives about a million ways of sharing the article – FB, Twitter,etc. Personally I like to send some articles to my Read It Later account.

So if you’re at all interested in going through RSS feeds then Feeddler is the most elegant way of doing so. Try it out for free if you must but just give it a go.




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