Tweetlist – Episode 289

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TweetList is my current Twitter client of choice. As the name indicates, the app is fantastic if you like sorting your twitter feed into lists. Even if you don’t use twitter lists, TweetList is an excellent fully featured twitter client.

If you do use lists then TweetList is a no brainer. You can create and manage your lists right from the app. To give an example, I have a list setup for news sources to separate this part of my feed out.

There’s a free and paid version. You’ll need to use boxcar or another Twitter client for push notification. This is probably the only thing I don’t like about the app. I actually keep the official twitter app installed as well for push notifications.

One nice feature is muting. You are able to keep tweets containing particular hash tags or from particular clients or users out of your feed. Lets face it, we don’t all want to see some of the celebrity  crap that trends at times.

There are some nice navigation features, gesture shortcuts and either a dark or light theme to choose from. The Voice Over support is also excellent. But really, it’s just a nice app to use. Pick up the free version and give it a try.




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