Vlingo – From Episode 275

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There’s been a proliferation of Speech to Text apps recently. Especially since the iPhone 4S has been released. Vlingo is one that has been around for a while now.

When I first tried Vlingo recently it really impressed me with the accuracy of the translation. Since then, well I’m not so sure. Speech to Text is always a bit hit and miss and I seem to go through phases with the app .

This was once a paid app but is free now and if it wasn’t for this I probably wouldn’t recommend it at all. But if you are looking for a quick way to send a text message, email, twitter/facebook update or similar then give it a go.

You can set the app to auto listen on open. This means you can just open the app and say something like “Twitter update I just had a tuna salad for lunch”. I’m thinking that you should probably say something much more interesting then the kind of salad you had for lunch but if that’s what takes your fancy than I’m not going to argue.

Dragon Dictation is another free app that is definitely worth having on your phone. Voice Actions is a paid app that also tries to bring some of the benefits of Siri to us non 4S IOS owners.

These apps all have different features and allow you to perform different actions. You might find they work really well for you. You might also find that your twitter friends think you had a “tuna say lad or hunch”



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